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Levi Previews His 'Shazam!' Costume

Written by sdsichero on Tuesday, May 22 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Levi Previews His 'Shazam!' Costume

Yeah, looks like the Big Red Cheese… with drink.

Source: zacharylevi Instagram feed

Well, we saw the official logo for the upcoming Shazam! film, but we haven't seen any official photos of the character himself (yes, yes there are "spy" shots of the actor in costume floating around the web). Though it is not a full reveal, Shazam! star  Zachary Levi did give the world a preview of the hero costume (apparently on display at the Licensing show at Las Vegas) on his Instagram feed… and it's largely what one would expect it to look like in this day and age:

shazamcostumelevi1stlook.jpgZachary Levi stands in front of a Shazam! movie image


Levi commented on his image:

"This! This is what dreams are made of. Complete and total wish fulfillment, plus a beverage! All the squeees."


Now the burning question, just what is Shazam (yeah, yeah Captain Marvel) drinking? It certainly isn't chocolate egg cream…

We're sure we'll see more of this costume before the film appears onscreen April 5, 2019.

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