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Invincible Iron Man #600 Reuses Art From All-New X-Men Annual #1

Written by Tim Midura on Thursday, May 24 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Invincible Iron Man #600 Reuses Art From All-New X-Men Annual #1

It's a pretty Bendis way to end the run.

Source: Invincible Iron Man #600

In a very lackluster move, which summarizes his tenure at Marvel ComicsBrian Michael Bendis' last issue at the company, Invincible Iron Man #600, completely reuses three pages of art from All-New X-Men Annual #1.

The X-Men Annual featured a story about Eva Bell, a near Omega level mutant. Bendis previously teased that she'd make an appearance in Invincible Iron Man #600, but no one thought that pages were be reused with shifted dialogue. In Iron Man, Eva Bell isn't mentioned.

Here's to hoping Bendis doesn't accidentally reuse any of his Marvel pages at DC Comics. The pages from both comics are below.


All New X-Men Annual #1




Invincible Iron Man #600



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