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NYCC Glitch Attributed to ReedPOP Intern!

Written by Zechs on Saturday, June 02 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

NYCC Glitch Attributed to ReedPOP Intern!

The intern reportedly was the cause for the NYCC glitch that caused many comic pros from attaining PRO badge because some people just want to watch the world burn.

Last night, Twitter was aflame when many seasoned comic book pros took to the social network when they learned their application for professional status attendance was apparently revoked for the New York Comic Con. Well, ReedPOP (the company that runs NYCC) Event Director Mike Armstrong took to Twitter this morning to answer the questions as to, "WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED?!" 



And just a few hours ago he then said this:



And with that, the healing process begins after the disastrous night it was. But what truly caused this massive glitch?  Well, we here at the OH! have found out it was due to ReedPOP intern Vlad Kozinkerov.

When confronted Kozinkerov had this to say, "Vlad saw Lethal Weapon 2. Dan Aykroyd was amazing actor in that film. Vlad had the urge to revoke something. So Vlad revoked many comic pros badges. Vlad took great pleasure most so, 'it just been revoked' I kept screaming each time I sent e-mail. I took even great pleasure when revoking Tim Midura's pro pass. "The OH! staff writer after learning Kozinkerov did this to him specifically snapped and has disappeared. He was last seen lamenting on shaving that glorious beard of his to the dismay of sdsichero.

Midura was so loud in his dismay that it could be heard all the way over at the rival penthouse offices suites at Bleeding Cool, where Judas Terror proclaimed, "HA HA! THE GREATEST BEARD IN ALL OF COMICS JOURNALISM WILL BE MINE! There can be ONLY ONE!" 

So now if you're wondering why the hell Zechs has been spamming the front page. Now you know. Vlad Kozinkerov broke Tim's mind with revoking his pro pass. Gonna take him some time to return. Hopefully, with his great big bushy beard intact.

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