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Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Slams Comixology Originals As Blatant Grab

Written by Tim Midura on Monday, June 04 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Fantagraphics Associate Publisher Slams Comixology Originals As Blatant Grab

But not a cash grab, since there's no money in comics.

Source: Twitter

Last week Amazon announced a new initiative titled Comixology Originals, a series of creator-owned titles to be released on Comixology and print-on-demand. Each of the titles will be available for free reading for Amazon Prime, Kindle Unlimited and ComiXology Unlimited subscribers. Amazon has lined up some big names for the program including Richard StarkingsSam Humphries, and Tim Seeley.

Fantagraphics' Associate Publisher Eric Reynolds took to Twitter to lambaste Amazon and Comixology for the program as "a blatant grab at strengthening its digital and print market using its inherent monolithic market advantages."


Amazon does have a lot of weight behind it and if they want to bring some change to the industry, they certainly have the power to. Every day there seems to be a new demon fucking the industry and unless the quality of Amazon's print-on-demand services can rival the best publishers, it's unclear whether this will take the industry by storm.

Fantagraphics has distributed through Comixology since 2012 and is enrolled in its Comixology Unlimited program. We'll see if any of that changes in the future.

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