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Defamation Lawyer is Sure Comics Troll Will Call Any Day Now

Written by Tess Harlowe on Tuesday, June 05 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Defamation Lawyer is Sure Comics Troll Will Call Any Day Now

There's one born every day, and there's one tweeting every 30 seconds.

Tim Jordans has been waiting by his phone for weeks now after scrolling throwing what is known as Comics Twitter. "I fell down a rabbit hole of retweets, and suddenly I was in a gold mine of accusations. I'm not leaving my desk till these men call."

Jordans is an attorney who specializes in defamation lawsuits, and his brief trek into the world of comics creators and YouTube trolls has given him hope for a new clientele. "There were hundred of tweets, often from the same person, saying, 'This violates RICO law!' and 'They are defaming me. I should sue.' I've seen this from several people in and around the industry. They are so passionate about it online that surely they will call me any day now. I've checked with my fellow defamation lawyers and they haven't gotten calls either. I bet everyone is just too busy right now to open their cases. I just have to be patient," says Jordans.

While Jordans is confident, other legal professionals call the case a lost cause, stating that there is little to no way these defamation claims would not be rebutted on the potential client's previous actions. Still, Jordan is not deterred saying, "Are you kidding me? Have you seen the projects they're funding? These clowns will throw money at any ripoff."

While there have indeed been multiple calls from various persons within the comicsphere declaring that another party has violated law in their online actions, it is unclear if these persons who are tweeting legal threats actually understand how libel laws work or what constitutes RICO law. But to Jordans one thing is for sure, "They're serious about. They'll be calling me any day, because there is no way these guys are just all talk online. They're real men's men. The type who go to court for stalking charges after getting in fights over women who aren't interested in them."

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