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Ironically Hubris Dooms 'Doctor Doom' Movie!!

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, June 05 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Ironically Hubris Dooms 'Doctor Doom' Movie!!

Noah Hatley has finished the script, but the project has been put on hold.

Source: Noah Hawley’s Doctor Doom Movie Is Written, But Don’t Expect to See It Anytime Soon

It seems the Doctor Doom movie is apparently um--- doomed. Legion showrunner Noah Hawley was to write a script for the movie and begin production after Season of the show ended. Well, season 2 production has wrapped, and Hawley has begun work on a film, but not the Doctor Doom movie. 

In an interview with Vulture, Hawley confirmed that the script for the Doom movie is done but there are two hurdles. The first is the easy one. Hawley has begun work for on a movie, but not Doom. Instead, he's begun work on Pale Blue Dot which will star Jon Hamm and  Natalie Portman,

The other is, of course, the Fox/Disney merger.  Here's what Hawley said on the merger hampering the movie:

I know there's also a little uncertainty, given the potential for a Disney merger and the fact that Marvel may regain control of X-Men and Fantastic Four. They may have a plan of their own in a desk drawer. I just don't know. So, I think there's sort of a sense of uncertainty.

This isn't the first time Hawley lamented this thought. Just a few months ago he mentioned the merger could hamper this project and it appears to have exactly done that. 

Least he isn't in denial. For denial is the last outpost of the DOOMED.

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