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Marvel In Talks With Broken Lizard For Possible Film

Written by Tim Midura on Wednesday, June 06 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel In Talks With Broken Lizard For Possible Film

Jay Chandrasekhar is more of an Archie guy though.

Source: SyFy Wire

Marvel has reportedly met with Broken Lizard, the comedy team behind Super TroopersClub Dread, and Beerfest, about a possible collaboration, according to Jay Chandrasekhar

"They sent me the Marvel Encyclopedia and they said, 'What do you guys want to do?' So, it's upstairs. My kid's going through it. And he's going to make a list of what he thinks we should do, and I'll go through it. I'm curious to see what a 13-year-old's mind comes up with."

Though a Marvel film isn't the only Disney property that Chandrasekhar has his sights on.

"And I would love to direct a film in the Star Wars pantheon, because I'm a true fan. I would make a film that was more like The Empire Strikes Back. It just had pathos and darkness. It was a great film."

Chandrasekhar doesn't specify any certain character or team he's interested in, so it's up for speculation right now, but if it comes to fruition expect a comedy.

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