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'Halloween' Trailer Is Quite Scarily Good!

Written by Zechs on Friday, June 08 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

'Halloween' Trailer Is Quite Scarily Good!

The Blumhouse relaunch of the series looks VERY promising. Save for you Ben Tramer fans. He's still quite dead. I'm just funning. OR AM I?!

Oh, sure one can be easily hyped for Avengers: Infinity War earlier this year but for me, my bread/butter event this one. Ever since learning series creator John Carpenter would be returning to the franchise he began at long last along with Jaime Lee Curtis (to basically do what she did in H20 but better). All this week we've had teasers from Laurie Strode singing a tune before blowing away a dummy, a twenty-second voice clip which I think features Paul Rudd from Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers just telling us what happened that night in 1978, and a teaser for this trailer.  

Well here's the trailer!!! Just a fair warning, be prepared for some perfect set-ups done to perfection throughout this trailer:

Halloween the night HE returns AGAIN for the eleventh time, but they really mean it this time on October 19th. Save Ben Tramer. Looks like he's still probably dead. 

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