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Mark Millar, Netflix Inflate Magic Order's Sales Numbers With Bulk Deal

Written by Tess Harlowe on Tuesday, June 12 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Mark Millar, Netflix Inflate Magic Order's Sales Numbers With Bulk Deal

While some are quick to praise Netflix's foray into comics as a success, a closer examination reveals a familiar sales boost tactic.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Last week Netflix and Mark Millar took a PR victory lap announcing their pre-sale numbers for The Magic Order #1 were the highest of any new series launch. With 140,000 books pre-ordered, it seemed Netflix and Millar were marketing geniuses, but it wasn't apparent what could cause such large pre-orders. Maybe it was Millar's track record. Maybe it was the Netflix name creating interest. Or maybe that sick motion trailer. Everyone loves motion trailers. They're just the best. So cool.

Well, the answer was none of the above nor Maybeline. According to Bleeding Cool, Millar swung a deal with comic convention organizer ReedPop. In negotiations for Mark Millar's appearance at C2E2 (and potentially other conventions), ReedPop purchased 100,000 copies as give-aways for their events. This is essentially the same way monthly box subscriptions like LootCrate and former Outhouse advertiser Comics Bento could drastically inflate the sales numbers for books, by simply including the book in their box.

The Outhouse trekked the hills of Scotland for a comment from Millar, who graciously put down his bagpipes to say, "Frankly this is hee haw mair than a guid business decision. Comics is a niche merkat, 'n' a creator haes tae boost sales anyway maybee aye. Beyond that, heich sales numbers kin be a means tae further promotion, generating dozens o' articles aboot th' daursayd success o' a book, that na yin ither than retailers haes actually bought. Noo if ye'll excuse a'm needin' tae write anither picture pitch- ah mean, comic." Millar then removed a plastic bag full of haggis from his satchel and mumbled something about an ultra-violent story where a woman is beaten at some point.

The Magic Order #1 is in stores June 13th. Hurry, because your local comic shop won't have nearly as many as has been reported.

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