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Geoff Johns Sees Writing On Wall, Leaves DC Exec Position

Written by Tim Midura on Monday, June 11 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Geoff Johns Sees Writing On Wall, Leaves DC Exec Position

Turns out Bendis wrote "Geoff smells" all over the men's room.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

DC Entertainment president and chief creative officer Geoff Johns has seen the literal writing on the wall at the publisher, leaving his position as an executive of the company. Ever since the acquisition of writer Brian Michael Bendis, graffiti has appeared in the men's room at DC stating "Geoff smells," which coincidentally is the most concise thing Bendis has ever written.

In an EXXXCLUSIVE statment Johns told The Outhouse, "It's just not fair. I know Brian did it. I know he did. But he won't admit it."

In his stead, DC co-publisher Jim Lee will take over as chief creative officer, while continuing to split publishing duties with Dan Didio.

Untethered to the executive board room, Johns is launching Mad Ghost Productions, a new banner at DC which will see him creating comics, film, and television. His first film project will be Green Lantern Corps, of which Johns will screenwrite and produce. He is already co-writing and producing Wonder Woman 2 and has a co-writing and executive producing credit on Aquaman.

For television, Johns is co-developing, writing, and executive producing Titans, where he wrote the episode Doom Patrol, which will spin out into its own series on DC Universe.

Johns will also get his own imprint at DC titled The Killing Zone, where he'll focus on lesser known and dormant characters. He'll be writing a new Shazam comic as well as Three Jokers with Jason Fabok.

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