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Chloe Dykstra Calls Out Abusive Ex, Unrelatedly Nerdist Implode

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, June 15 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Chloe Dykstra Calls Out Abusive Ex, Unrelatedly Nerdist Implode

Dykstra penned a long essay accusing an ex-boyfriend of long-term abuse and career blacklisting.

Source: Medium

Chloe Dykstra took to Medium this week to release an emotional essay accusing an unnamed ex-boyfriend of long-term abuse and career blacklisting. In the essay, she says that in her early-20s she dated a man "almost 20 years my senior" who displayed controlling behavior. Some of the behavior she specifically describes includes:

  • I "should not want to go somewhere at night". My nights were expected to be reserved for him, as he had a busy schedule. This alienated me from my friends.
  • I was to not have close male friends unless we worked together. All photos of male friends were to be removed from my apartment. This was heartbreaking for me, as my best friend happened to be male.
  • As he was sober, I was not to drink alcohol. Before we began dating he said, "I noticed you have a glass of wine with dinner. That's going to stop."
  • I was not to speak in public places (elevators, cars with drivers, restaurants where tables were too close) as he believed that people recognized him and were listening to our conversations. Our dinners out were usually silent, him on his phone.
  • I wasn't allowed to take a photo of us. (Eventually, he softened on this rule, but was very stern about me asking permission.)

Dykstra also claims that she was "quickly pressured to take an on-camera job at his company I didn't want." She also alleged that the unnamed ex-boyfriend frequently pressured her into having sex, explaining, "To be fair, I did go along with it out of fear of losing him."

She writes "after three years of being snapped/yelled at constantly, very rarely being shown any affection- I finally left him." Then she says the unnamed ex-boyfriend, "made calls to several companies I received regular work from to get me fired by threatening to never work with them. He succeeded. I was blacklisted."

Read her full essay here.

Seemingly unrelated to the release of her essay, Chris Hardwick, the founder of Nerdist, has been removed from the site's About page. Freelance writer Scott Weinberg announced his departure from the site as well.

Legendary, the company that owns Nerdist Industries released the following statement.

"Chris Hardwick had no operational involvement with Nerdist for the two years preceding the expiration of his contract in December 2017," Legendary Entertainment said in a statement. "He no longer has any affiliation with Legendary Digital Networks. The company has removed all reference to Mr. Hardwick even as the original Founder of Nerdist pending further investigation."

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