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Hey Hey Man! What's Going on With Super 7 SDCC Exclusive!?

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, June 26 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Hey Hey Man! What's Going on With Super 7 SDCC Exclusive!?

OH, MY GAWD! DOES SUPER SEVEN TRY IN THIS INSTITUTION! AND YOU'VE PRAYED! Super Seven finally made a figure of it. I am not kidding...


WHAT'S GOING ON?! Why Super 7 just won the most wanted exclusive at SDCC this year! For behold the holy grail that'll be available at their store (which will be converted into Hordak's Lair) Wedsenday and Thursday at the convention next month:




Yes, Super 7 did. Those magnificent bastards actually made a figure of this meme. EVERYONE PACK UP! As for where the Super 7 store is at 701 8th Avenue. Just a few short steps close to the convention center. Now, how long will this sell out and what will be scalper prices? STAY TUNED!!! 

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