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Rob Liefeld Bummed He Won't Get Invited To Animated Deadpool Premiere

Written by Tim Midura on Wednesday, June 27 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Rob Liefeld Bummed He Won't Get Invited To Animated Deadpool Premiere

Liefeld claims the show was brilliant.

Source: Indie Wire

Rob Liefeld is best known for co-creating Deadpool with a janitor Fabian Nicieza. These days he's mostly known for going to movie premieres.


Home after a whirlwind NYC trip and an epic world premiere of Deadpool 2. I’m overwhelmed and emotional and everything you’d expect when something as special as this comes together so spectacularly! Deadpool and Vanessa joined by Cable and Domino alongside Colossus and Al and Rusty and Dopinder! They followed up a cool movie with an even cooler one! No easy task by any measure, but they cleared every hurdle. Mr Leitch and Mr. Reynolds, alongside Mr. Reese and Mr. Wernick have crafted one of the finest tales from the X-universe ever imagined. I know the movie is opening right now around the world, be kind and don’t spoil! Enjoy it, these folks worked tirelessly to put it all together! #deadpool #cable #domino #vanessa #colossus #dopinder #firefist #blindal #xforce #marvel #ryanreynolds #joshbrolin #morenabaccarin #zaziebeetz #stefankapicic #leslieuggams #karansoni #davidleitch #terrycrews #juliendennison #robliefeld

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Even when the movies have nothing to do with him.


Date night with my fave daughter!! #marvel #antmanandthewasp

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Thank you to the man, the myth, the legend that is the mighty Josh Brolin for inviting us to the premiere of SICARIO:DAY OF THE SOLDADO! My love of the first film is known far and wide and this sequel is a more than worthy successor, ramping up all the tension from the first installment as the saga expands! Holeee - the action in this is insane, another pair of white knuckle sequences but it’s the performances by these two masters and the entire cast, (Catherine Keener, Matthew Modine!!) that sets this one apart! I loved it, Joy loved it, it’s topical, gripping, gorgeous and the perfect date night thrill ride! See it this weekend!! Also, after meeting Benicio Del Toro I’m not as intimidated as I used to be. This will take an adjustment period! #sicariodayofthesoldado #sicario

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So it's understandable that Liefeld would be bummed that FX's animated Deadpool series would be cancelled since he wouldn't be invited to the premiere. Talking to Variety at the Ant-Man and The Wasp premiere, he told Variety:

"I mourn the loss of that entire project."

It's extremely mournful when its one less premiere you get to go to. He also praised Donald Glover calling him a genius.

"Donald is a genius, and I'll always wonder how that would have worked out."

The animated Deadpool series was officially cancelled because of "creative differences."

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