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Adult Swim Loses King of the Hill, Dragon Ball Super to Replace It!

Written by Zechs on Saturday, June 30 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Adult Swim Loses King of the Hill, Dragon Ball Super to Replace It!

Adult Swim has lost the license to air King of the Hill. Dragon Ball Super will replace the show on early evenings starting July 2nd! Anime is back in prime time baby!

In a bit of a shock, Adult Swim has lost the license to the long-time running staple of its early evening program, King of Hill. They haven't commented on why, just that many picked up on this due to the schedule change, and Funimation announcing that starting July 2nd at 8 pm EST, Dragon Ball Super will fill the void. 

This is the first time anime is back on American TV on weekday primetime in quite a LONG TIME (I can't even recall the last time anime it happened. Perhaps on G4TV? I can't remember the last time anime has aired this early on Adult Swim or Cartoon Network in general). The only catch is, of course, these are reruns with the series airing new episodes on Saturday nights still on Toonami. Could this lead to more anime airing earlier on Adult Swim? We shall see...

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