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Marvel Banking On That Disney/Fox Acquisition As Publisher Announces Fantastic Four Launch Party

Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, July 03 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel Banking On That Disney/Fox Acquisition As Publisher Announces Fantastic Four Launch Party

There will even be a TV commercial!

Source: ICV2

Marvel Comics is really banking on Disney's purchase of Fox, as the publisher is starting up its PR push of the Fantastic Four relaunch. For the last few years, Marvel denied knowing who the Fantastic Four were. When asked, then Vice President of International Business Development & Brand Management Akira Yoshida EXXXCLUSIVELY told The Outhouse, "Fantastic who? Invisible Person and Flame Guy? Never heard of them."

Now that no other companies will be benefiting from the comics, Marvel is more than happy to make the comics again. Retailers will have until July 16 to opt-in to host a launch party for Fantastic Four #1. The launch party incentives include exclusive variant covers, free window clings, and a Marvel Spotlight July 2018 with a sneak peek at Fantastic Four #1. Participating retailers will also get Fantastic Four launch party backerboards and pins featuring artwork by John Romita (each in bundles of 25).

Retailers who choose to opt into the party will be able to order the following items:

  • Additional Fantastic Four Launch Party Backerboards (bundles of 25; MAY189315 - orders due 7/16)
  • Additional Romita Classic Launch Party Pins (bundles of 25; MAY189229 - orders due 7/16)
  • Fantastic Four #1 Bianchi Venomized Fantastic Four Party Variant (JUN180777)
  • Fantastic Four #1 Ribic Premiere Variant (JUN180764)

In addition to the launch parties, Marvel will run a nationwide TV spot set to air the weekend after the August 8 release of Fantastic Four #1. This spot won't benefit shops as this doesn't help preorders, which series live or die by.

Fantastic Four #1 is written by Dan Slott and drawn by Sara Pichelli, with main covers by Esad Ribic. It also includes bonus stories illustrated by Simone Bianchi and Skottie Young.

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