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Breaking a Bat: "The Plan" in Full Detail!! Batman #50 Spoilers!!

Written by Zechs on Friday, July 06 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Breaking a Bat:

Alright, it's been a few days so let Zechs look at this plan and crashing your mind-- WITH NO SURVIVORS!

If you've not been under a rock, then well Batman #50 was spoiled several days prior to the issue from being released. Well, one thing that was still surprisingly kept secret (for the most part) by news' sites.  So let's take a look at the culmination of writer Tom King's overall plot in his Batman run so far.

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So, in the final page of Batman #50 we learn that Holly Robinson, the woman and long supporting cast member of various Catwoman ongoings, who also talked Selina out of marrying Bruce in this very issue goes back to Arkham (cause-- Blackgate Prison doesn't exist anymore?) to meet up with a cabal of people that want to break the Bat. 


Led by Bane.

So yes, fifty issues all tied together apparently with Bane being the leader. So let's take a look at Bane's plan to break the Batman so far... 

- Recruits Gotham and Gotham Girl who then save Batman from a plane crash WITH NO SURVIVORS. With them in Gotham, they show Batman, there's a future for Gotham City beyond just him, and then Hugo Strange with the Psycho-Pirate to basically destroy that dream. (Batman Rebirth, Batman #1-6). 

- In return for the Psycho Pirate, Bane gives Strange the Venom drug to enhance the Monster Men who run amok in Gotham, because Bane/Strange both share a breaking Batman fetish.  (Batman#7-8, Nightwing #5-6, and Detective Comics #941-942 )

- To save a broken Gotham Girl (another calling card of Bane), Batman goes to Santa Prisca with his own Suicide Squad with Bane knowing he'd choose Catwoman on the mission, and the lovely lovely voice of the Ventriloquist, who is in on his plan.  Surprisingly, Punch and Jewlee aren't a part of the plan because that's the plan for an actually established and well-planned story apparently, not this one. (Batman #9-15

- Gotham Girl is fixed and save an arc in Batgirl & The Birds of Prey, we don't see her again till #50. 

- Bane lets Batman and Catwoman think they've beaten him, but in reality, does a performance worthy of an Academy Award. All to get Batman and Catwoman closer together. He still at least gets his breaking fetish on by breaking Nightwing, Robin, and Signal. (Batman #16-20

- FINALLY, we're at the point where our mind is broken first, as somehow Bane gets Flashpoint Thomas Wayne, who lives in another universe, in on his breaking Batman plan. His part to break his own son is to tell Bruce to live happily and raise a family. Our bodies will join our mind in being broken in #50. (Batman #21-22 and the Flash #21-22)

- Bane ends "the War of Jokes and Riddles" by FINALLY making the Riddler wear a shirt again and hopefully also stop being an edgy mofo.  He also him and the Joker in on his plan of breaking Batman further. But the entire point is again to get Catwoman and Batman closer for Batman to realize he wants Selina to be his wife, which she accepts. (Batman #25-32)

- Holly Robinson, in on Bane's plan. Betrays her best friend by having Bane help her kill a bunch of terrorists who blew up in the orphanage she lived in, Selina takes the blame for her friend who really isn't, and now hides with Bruce's ex Talia, who surprisingly is not in on this plan, even though her own Bat-breaking in Grant Morrison's Batman run. Probably because that one made more sense. (Batman #33-37

- Everyone in Bane's plan takes a timeout while Bruce/Selina have various adventures getting closer with one another and the DCU at large.  

 - After some time knitting yarn, Bane returns to enact breaking plan by somehow obtaining and corrupting Skeets, the sidekick to Booster Gold. Skeets convinces Booster that the best gift for Batman is to show him a world where his parents lived, which somehow ends up worse for Gotham and Selina, but Bruce is happy-- sort of. Till his parents die again. All according to Bane's keikaku. We're still trying to figure out how Bane did this and the Thomas Wayne thing here. Also, seeds are planted for Tom King's future DC event "Identity Crisis 2: Stupidity Unbound". Instead of an actual story of heroes coping with mental fatigue of being a hero and crazy villain plans like these. (Batman #45-47)

 - Bane sends the Joker off on a bi-weekly rampage event getting the reader to buy five one-shots and two issues that culminate in the Joker planting the seed of doubt in the mind of Catwoman. Also somehow knew that only Catwoman would be the one to stop the Joker's rampage, also somehow took into account Harley Quinn would too and prepared for it. Bane's keikaku at this point is so on-point it makes Light Yagami from Death Note weep in jealousy. (Prelude to the Wedding: Robin vs. Ra's Al Ghul #1, Prelude to the Wedding Nightwing vs. Hush #1, Prelude to the Wedding: Batgirl vs. the Riddler #1, Prelude to the Wedding: Red Hood vs. Anarky #1, Prelude to the Wedding: Harley Quinn vs. the Joker #1, Batman #48-49). 

- Holly plants the final seed of doubt to end Selina from marrying Bruce, and the wedding is called off (Batman #50).

- THE BAT IS BROKEN in the mind, now time for the body to join it.  At least that's what I guess the next fifty issues will be about. Anyway, Batman currently is grim and edgy because thus explaining his appearances in "Doomsday Clock", which takes place in the future, but not just yet. Not like Tom King's gonna actually marry Batman & Catwoman for reals this time right? RIGHT? He so is... Also Robin (Damian), Red Hood, and Batgirl go back to being grimy edgy characters again. No word yet if Nightwing, Signal, and Cassandra Cain will follow. But I guess the reasons is because THAT'S WHAT READERS WANT TO READ! Right? RIGHT?! 

So there you have it. The complete guide of how Bane did it all, even though it's utterly insane when you think about it. And they say drinking a lot of alcohol kills brain cells.


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