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R.I.P. Steve Ditko (1927-2018)

Written by Zechs on Saturday, July 07 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

R.I.P. Steve Ditko (1927-2018)

Legendary Artist Steve Ditko, the creator of the Question, Blue Beetle (Ted Kord), and the Creeper, co-creator of Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and Captain Atom has passed away at age 90.

Source: Steve Ditko, Spider-Man Co-Creator and Legendary Comics Artist, Dies at 90

A titan has fallen.

Legendary artist Steve Ditko, whose runs on Amazing Spider-Man and Strange Tales (with Dr. Strange) are the stuff that legends speak of, has died at the age of 90. He passed away a few days ago prior to June 29th, when police discovered his body at his apartment. All of this is per the Hollywood Reporter

Everyone has read his work (And that is something Ditko famously prided himself on. Seeing his work and that's all.). Everyone has a character that he helped co-create or make by himself. For me? It has to be Mysterio. 


What were you expecting me to say that OTHER character he created (one of his last) was my favorite? NO! I DENY THIS! I DENY LIKE DOOM OF THE DEFEAT AT THE HANDS OF THE LONESOME TREE VERMIN!! DENY IT!!! 


Yet... it still happened and Squirrel Girl continues to be a fan favorite. NOT DOOM'S-- or mine. Curse that meddling Squirrel Girl!!


Ditko was one of the founding fathers of what Marvel Comics has become today. Without him, we'd have no Spider-Man or Dr. Strange. Likewise, for Charleston Comics, we'd never have the Question.


Or Ted Kord the Blue Beetle. That's just the tip of characters I know and adore. Like I said, everyone has something that they adored because of Steve Ditko. I really don't know what else to say, other than to mourn the man who gave us so many characters and visual feasts for our eyes to read. He really was one of those artists who's styles grabbed you and paved the way for so many others. 

Thank you, Mr. Ditko. We owe you so much for what you did in comics. 

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