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It's Not Only In Your Mind, 'Sleepwalker' Gets A New Mini-Series

Written by sdsichero on Thursday, July 12 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

It's Not Only In Your Mind, 'Sleepwalker'  Gets A New Mini-Series

Will it be the book of your dreams?

Source: Infinity Wars Brings Sleepwalker Back to the Marvel Universe

Sleepwalker, guardian of the night and possessor of the Warp Gaze, debuted in his own title back in 1991. Since then he appeared here and there in the Marvel Universe, most recently in today's issue of Infinity Wars: Darkhawk #2. It was in that appearance that a new mini-series starring Sleepwalker was announced: Infinity Wars: Sleepwalker.

Yep. It's another tie-in to the Infinity Wars  event, and it is by the same writers who did the Darkhawk micro-series: Chris Sims and Chad Bowers. Todd Nauck will be doing the covers and art on this four-issue series, which starts on October 3. Here's the cover for the first issue along with its solicitation text (looks like they are going with the warp thing):

INFINITYWARSSLEEPWALKER-001.jpgInfinity Wars: Sleepwalker #1 cover by Todd Nauck


Art and Cover by TODD NAUCK
On Sale 10/3/18

Deep in the mind of man, in the ephemeral realm of dreams, he dwells...the Sleepwalker! Lurking on the fringes of our unconsciousness, he protects the Mindscape from entities that threaten to tear our very minds apart...but when all of reality becomes warped by the unbridled power of the Infinity Stones, how will he continue to protect the world?

This fall, join Chris Sims and Chad Bowers (Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk, X-Men '92) along with artist Todd Nauck (Spider-Man/Deadpool, X-Men: The Wedding Special) for an all-new spellbinding tale, as one of Marvel's most unique heroes returns—to a Mindscape utterly transformed by the reality-warping madness of INFINITY WARS!

SLEEPWALKER #1 and #2 arrive in comic shops this October!



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