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Decepti-Cons Conning Folk at Conventions!

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, July 17 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Decepti-Cons Conning Folk at Conventions!

A terrible trio has gone on a crime spree at Canadian Cons with the latest incident occurring at TF Con Toronto this past weekend.

There are some actual Decepti-CONs currently conning folks at Canadian conventions in the past few months. The latest thief happened to Transformers: The Lost Light artist, Nick Roche who had his entire day of takings taken from him at TF Con Toronto this past weekend. There was at least a happy ending to this as the convention organizers made a booth available to donate money to Roche for the loss of funds and it worked out quite well.  


Sadly, this was the latest incident involving these Stunticons have performed as they have been linked to conning artists and vendors all over Canadian cons. Anime North, Montreal Comic-Con, and Niagra Falls Comic-Con. The next set of Canadian conventions are Conbravo, Otakuthon, and Fanexpo Canada. There is a chance however perhaps, that this trio of Seekers might decide to go south and go to SDCC this weekend.  

Whatever the case, here's the full description of the main suspect and what to do if you encounter or spot them (fully provided by Zee). 


If any incidents actually occur this weekend at SDCC or continue. Currently, the staff at Conbravo are prepared for any incidents that are going their way:


If any more incidents occur or arrests are made, we'll let you know.

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