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SDCC: Morrison & Sharp Relaunch 'The Green Lantern'

Written by sdsichero on Thursday, July 19 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: Morrison & Sharp Relaunch 'The Green Lantern'

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Source: The Green Lantern Relaunch by Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp Focuses on Hal Jordan's Life as a Space Cop - Comic-Con 2018

There might be less of a focus on rainbow Lanterns in the near future. Writer Grant Morrison and artist Liam Sharp are relaunching The Green Lantern, and are going back to basics™. Morrison cut to the point of the new series:

"Instead of the big, epic, 12-part stories, we're focusing down on the everyday life of a space cop. Basically, it's no more apocalypse-ending storylines" … "The basic concept is that [Hal Jordan] is like a space cop that patrols a sector of the universe where anything can happen. We've made it more like a police procedural."


As noted, the series will star Hal Jordan, and Sharp provides his take on how the character will be portrayed in the series:

"I love this idea that he's an idiot savant. In a way, he's a genius. He can just turn up and kind of assess the situation really quickly, and then just smack it with a giant fist, and it's all fixed."


Hal won't be completely alone. Though Morrison probably won't show the other Lanterns from Sector 2814 much, the Guardians of Universe will still be his boss, and there will be other Lanterns, either obscure or new.

Here's a preview of issue #1:

gl-cover-1531781977492.jpgThe Green Lantern #1 cover by Liam Sharp


gl-page-1-1531781977496.jpgThe Green Lantern #1 sample page by Liam Sharp


gl0118-1531781977500sm2.jpgThe Green Lantern #1 sample page by Liam Sharp


gl0119-1531781977502sm.jpgThe Green Lantern #1 sample page by Liam Sharp


gl0120-1531781977504sm.jpgThe Green Lantern #1 sample page by Liam Sharp


The Green Lantern #1 takes off in November.

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