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SDCC: Answers At Last Abound in 'Three Jokers' Mini!

Written by Zechs on Friday, July 20 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: Answers At Last Abound in 'Three Jokers' Mini!

So we shall FINALLY to that lingering question at the start of Rebirth in a Black Label three-part series. ...... This is so getting delayed, won't it?

So of the many plots kicked off by DC Rebirth, all of them are kind of getting followed up on (Doomsday Clock for Dr. Manhatten, "Flash War" with Wally West, and Dr. Mr. Oz in Action Comics/Superman). Save one little tiny plot in we learned that there were three Jokers running around the DCU (Golden Age, Silver Age, and modern) with no answers in sight other than at a C2E2 panel it would be answered in a series by Geoff Johns (who began this little subplot right when he ended his run on Justice League) and Jason Fabok

Well, we now know where and when it'll be answered in a new forty plus page prestige format issues Black-Label (wait wasn't this format for non-cannon standalone stories? But, these stories will be in continuity. Then what's the goddamn point of this label if we're doing this?! I've got a bad feeling about this) three-issue mini called Three Jokers

This was all announced yesterday at his spotlight panel at SDCC. Not only will readers get answers, but it'll change the relationship of Batman and the Joker FOREVER!!! Also, it'll star Batman, Jason Todd, and Barbara Gordon. Oh dear... this is gonna be a dark journey won't it? Of course, we don't know when this comic is coming, but it is. .... This is so coming sometime the middle of next year won't it probably right after Doomsday Clock? Ugh... 

Here's the teaser picture:


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