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SDCC: Bumblebee: The Movie Panel

Written by Zechs on Saturday, July 21 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: Bumblebee: The Movie Panel

The mystery Seeker from the trailer is revealed, a bit more of the plot is detailed, and JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Though I wasn't at the panel over for the Bumblebee: Movie at SDCC today (and who knows if one of the stars of the movie John Cena was), but here's the lowdown from the panel courtesy of  TFW2005:

- The Seeker in the trailer isn't Starscream it's-- Blitzwing?! Wait, then why is he red and not purple like he usually is in media form? Where are his shade eyes? I HAVE QUESTIONS on the choice of design and feel betrayed!! I SHALL BE AVENGED!!!! 

- All the villains are triple-changers. 

- John Cena was on stage, but of course not visible.

- "Bringing humor and heart to Bee movie." Wait, the last films didn't--- oh nice joke there Travis Knight. HA! 

-  Cybertron will be in the movie. 

- A Gobots reference? What the hell is it with the Gobot resurgence?! 

- Cena will play Agent Burns the human antagonist of the movie. 

- Shatter and Dropkick, the two other Decepticons in the movie, will offer to help the military in finding Bumblebee because he's a "criminal".

- Footage of the forest scene with Bumblebee fighting Blitzwing is shown. 

- A scene featuring a hologram of Optimus Prime looking rather G1 is shown. 

- Peter Cullen popped up during the Q&A session of the panel asking Knight in his Optimus Prime voice of the lack of Optimus Prime in the movie and, "What does an Autobot have to do to get his own movie?"

Bumblebee rolls out December 21st. 

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