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SDCC: Dan Didio "Jokes" Wally West Not Long for This World!!

Written by Zechs on Saturday, July 21 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

SDCC: Dan Didio

The DC Publisher jokingly made a comment that the character wasn't long for this world, and the "laughter" of his "joke" never came. This is the second comment Didio has made over the SDCC week that has caught the publisher some grief.

Source: “Wally West, God Rest His Soul” – Dan DiDio at SDCC

Whelp it was a good ride, but it appears DC Publisher Dan Didio is back to his old shenanigans with no "Rebirth" to mute his voice. During the DC Essentials panel, Didio commented "Wally West — god rest his soul," which resulted in zero laughter from the audience, and quickly moved on (whelp someone noticed PIP PIP aka Bleeding Cool). Then again, what if he made the comment on purpose? What if it was some far-reaching snarky joke to make this article? Nah, I'm drinking too much. He probably knows about lil' old me-- OR DOES HE?! Nah he doesn't. BUT WHAT IF HE DOES?  *ahem*

Wally West, just returned two years ago being the catalyst in the "Rebirth" relaunch of DC Comics. Just recently, the character was involved in "the Flash War" over in The Flash comics which dealt with the character retaining complete memories of his life in the DC Universe prior. 

This is also the second tease that a Flash might not be making it out alive in Identity Crisis 2: Why Remake This? WHY?! Heroes in Crisis event comic. Tom King, the writer of the comic, teased just yesterday at the panel for the comic, "You can't have a Crisis without a dead Flash. And that's all I'm gonna say about that." 

Which leads us to the suspect board that DC Nation #2 had where Wally was part of:


Now, the same site that I got this Didio quote also notes that Wally will be one of the suspects (PIP! PIP!). As for deaths? My money is on Roy Harper and Kyle Rayner because: A.) It just isn't a horrible DC event without Roy Harper suffering something bad. B.) Kyle Rayner is basically in limbo at the moment, and basically not doing anything right now in any comic. Still, I can without any doubt that Bob Harras will be revealed as the killer in the event. It makes so much sense, even if he hasn't appeared physically in a single DC Comic, but has killed so many fan's hearts. 

But hey if there's some positive there's this lovely figure of Wally coming from Mattel next year (courtesy of Toyark):


Of course, this comment will as always backfire because not even published I can feel readers' teeth mashing against one another and your eyes twitching with the spark of rage.  SO LET'S THROW MORE GAS ON THAT FIRE!!

This is only the second comment Didio made this SDCC week that has gotten some fans in ire. Earlier at the con, he had this to say about the "twist" in Batman #50 with Batman/Catwoman's marriage:

We never want to tell the last story. And the wedding felt like the last story. There's a lot of great Batman stories coming. 

Yep. Dan still isn't fond of marriages after all these years. Even when the marriage of Superman/Lois Lane brought many fans (including me) back into Superman comics during *gasp* "Rebirth". I'd say RESET THE CLOCK, but do you really want me at the helm of working a clock? Cause um... well... you know. Already, fellow OH! reporter sdsichero slapped my hand away from changing it again stating my last time handling a counter. So when Tim Midura returns from SDCC, I'll ask him to reset the clock. 

Now if you'll excuse me I have to take a shower after source linking to a Bleeding Cool article. I FEEL SO DIRTY!!! SO DIRTY FOR DOING THAT!!! I MUST CLEANSE MYSELF!! 

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