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The Black Order Getting Their Own Mini-Series At Marvel

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, August 17 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

The Black Order Getting Their Own Mini-Series At Marvel

The Black Order are now under the orders of the Grandmaster.

Source: Press Release

Your favorite disposable characters from Avengers: Infinity War are getting their own mini-series. That's right, soon you'll be able to read about the new adventures of The Black OrderCorvus Glaive, Proxima Midnight, Black Swan, Ebony Maw, and Black Dwarf. True only four appeared in the movie, but five's a crowd.

"Springboarding from their last appearance in AVENGERS: NO SURRENDER, BLACK ORDER sets the flagitious five on a bloody, brutal, head-rolling take-no-prisoners tear that will pit them against the forces of an entire Galactic Empire--and where they'll encounter some familiar Marvel faces as well as some bonkers new faces along the way!"

The mini-series will be written by Derek Landy and drawn by Philip Tan and will see The Black Order following the orders of the Grandmaster.

Black Order #1 is set to release November 7.

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