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Marsha Cooke Guarantees Darwyn Thought "Comics Gate Idiots Were A Bunch Of Crybaby Losers Ruining Comics"

Written by Tim Midura on Thursday, August 23 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Marsha Cooke Guarantees Darwyn Thought

Darwyn Cooke's widow isn't letting anyone put words in his mouth.

Source: Twitter

Surprisingly, some members of ComicsGate have the belief that what they're doing is benefiting the comics industry as a whole. Among their ranks they include comics professionals Ethan Van SciverJon Malin, and or so they thought, Darwyn Cooke.

Unsurprisingly, Marsha Cooke, Darwyn's widow, shot that theory down, guaranteeing "he thought you comics gate idiots were a bunch of crybaby losers ruining comics. because you are."



This initial reaction led to Marsha defending herself against Comicsgaters.





Van Sciver entered the conversation to express his condolences for the harassment. What's that? Oh. He did? My apologies, it appears I misspoke. Van Sciver entered the conversation to tell the widow of Darwyn Cooke that she did not know Darwyn as well as he did.







Unlike most of the attackers on Marsha, Van Sciver was aware of who she was, but still explained to her the kind of person Darwyn was.



Marsha asked Van Sciver if he was going to ask anyone to apologize to her and he technically did, asking SJWs to apologize to Marsha for using her to attack Comicsgate instead of asking his supporters to apologize for harassing her. But if he did ask his supporters to apologize, who would fund Cyberfrog?



Following the trolling and attacks from ComicsGaters, Marsha disabled her Twitter account for a short time. I believe the great Derf Backderf said it best, "Take a bow, babymen, you chased off a grieving widow. What a bunch of assholes."



Marsha then came back to Twitter to state that she can defend herself.Capture4_copy.PNG



In the end, Comicsgate supporters are mature individuals and surely won't begin sending insults to me for this piece.


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