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NYCC: 'Young Justice' Dug Up in New Wonder Comics Line!

Written by Zechs on Friday, October 05 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

NYCC: 'Young Justice' Dug Up in New Wonder Comics Line!

Christ on a throne! We warned ya not to go putting that old beloved 90s comic in that cursed burial ground! We told ya what would happen if you did it!

Is sometimes dead truly better? That's what a very wise man named Jud used to say about things that met their end prematurely. 

No doubt many a fan thought this way in wanting Conner Kent aka Superboy, Cassie Sandmark aka Wondergirl, and Bart Allen as Impulse back.  To have all three back together with Tim Drake at long last in a new Young Justice comic book.


The team has been brought back to life in a new comic front and center in a DC Comic line called: "Wonder Comics." The comic will be back written (and the line spearheaded) by...

.... Brian Michael Bendis.  

Yes, the comic will be coming back sometime next year with art by Patrick Gleason. The reason on how this all came to be due to the fact many a fan asked Bendis this very question:



And now you have it. Conner Kent back. Do you feel grateful now those who asked it? Also confirmed is that Tim Drake will be dropping "Red" and be just Robin again (but the questions arise, so what of Spoiler aka Stephanie Brown? You know his girlfriend who drove off with Tim at the end of James Tynion IV's Detective Comics run that basically is the spin-off to all of this? Eh, who am I kidding! Bendis will ignore it all). This also means that TWO Robins will be running around the DCU now (Damian Wayne in Teen Titans would be the other). Joining the four will be two brand new characters: Ginny Hex, Jonah Hex great great great granddaughter (and who will debut in the Walmart exclusive title along with possessing an assortment of DC classic weapons like Adam Strange's ray gun-- because Bendis isn't done making fun of the character?) and a Teen Green Lantern from Bolivia (to be introduced in Grant Morrison's Green Lantern comic?).

The other two comics announced for the "Wonder Comics" line are the Wonder Twins (written by Mark Russell, and drawn by Stephen Byrne), Naomi (co-written by Bendis and David Walker, with art by Jamal Campbell), and Dial H for Hero (by Sam Humphries with Joe Quinones on art). 

Here's the teaser preview drawn by Campbell:



Does this satisfy you fans of the comic from the 90s? Or was being dead better? 


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