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NYCC: Tom King Least Bloodthirsty Person at DC Apparently?!

Written by Zechs on Sunday, October 07 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

NYCC: Tom King Least Bloodthirsty Person at DC Apparently?!

The DC writer now famous for "death" given a certain event he's writing, said "no" to the death of a Robin for DC Rebirth and cited it as, "a really bad idea."

At an NYCC panel spotlighting him today, Batman writer Tom King revealed that when Tim Drake, the newly reminted Robin was going bite it during the beginning of DC Rebirth, he didn't like it.  Not one bit, when Editorial proposed the idea to the writers that the character needed to die. Every writer in the room agreed to it, save King who took a stand on the topic.  

King said on the panel this:

If Arkham Asylum is a metaphor for evil, killing Robins is a metaphor for bad writing. What am I doing taking the piss out of Jim Starlin.


The story King is referring to is "Death in the Family" by Starlin, the first story in the Batman comics to deal with a death of a Robin. Of course not like DC in the past made a really bad story killing a Robin right to which King is speaking of?

Stephanie Brown Dead

Oh.. right.

Okay, not like any sane writers on any Batman comics during that time period took a stand against the move and that DC Editorial listened to their opinion and still went about it anyway. Cause- HA! Death = sales.




Oh, right...

Whelp! The more things change. The more they stay the same apparently.

Still, as we know Tim Drake did not die, and in a way, the story that was given of the character made Detective Comics run by James Tynion IV better for it, by subverting the genre slightly for revealing the character was alive to the readers, but not to the cast of the comic.

But that wasn't the only Tim Drake nugget revealed by Tom King. He also pitched to DC Editorial that he wanted to put the character on the Autism spectrum, but was turned down for "timing reasons".

Not like there ain't another current character in the Batman comics to explore who might be in the autistic spectrum.





In any case, King hyped up the fact that we can "look forward" to another "Big Death" when Heroes in Crisis #2 comes out on October 24th.


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