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NYCC: New 'Black Widow' Series Unleashed In 2019

Written by sdsichero on Sunday, October 07 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

NYCC: New 'Black Widow' Series Unleashed In 2019

Natasha Romanova is back for more

Source: A New 'Black Widow' Comic Series Is Coming Out, And It's Written By Jen and Sylvia Soska

Black Widow "died" back during the Secret Empire event (issue #7)… but she got better. Not only did she get better, but she will be getting a new solo series again in 2019. The new series was announced during The Women of Marvel panel at New York Comic Con.

2019's Black Widow will be written by Jen and Sylvia Soska aka. The Soska Sisters or The Twisted Twins who are more known for their scriptwriting and directorial efforts, but have done work for Marvel before. Flaviano will be the artist for the series and the first issue will sport a cover by Clayton Crain.

Jen Soska describes the premise for the series:

"This is actually a stand alone adventure for Natasha that focuses on her doing what she does best. We're taking Natasha to the baddest place on Earth in the Marvel-verse, Madripoor, where she'll find the kind of villains that don't deserve mercy. She's back from the dead and she's not happy about it. She's looking to let off some steam in the most permanent of ways."

"There are kids being abducted in Madripoor and ending up dead in videos on the dark web. Natasha wants to take out the crime syndicate behind it, but first she needs to find the head of the operation."


Make no mistake, this is Natasha Romanova, but she is not pullingg any punches. Jen Soska continues:

"… she is not in a good mood. You won't see her feeling bad for putting more red on her ledger. She enjoys what she does. She's damn good at it. She's fearless. She's lethal. She's unstoppable. She's the last person you want coming for you. Our Natasha isn't following anyone's rules so she's completely unleashed."


bwidow2019001.jpgBlack Widow #1 (2019) cover by Clayton Crain


The new Black Widow series will drop onto comic book shelves January 2019.

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