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Ahoy Comics!: An Interview With Stuart Moore

Written by Tim Midura on Friday, October 12 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Ahoy Comics!: An Interview With Stuart Moore

On cats being smarter than dogs, balancing writing and operations, and Captain Ginger's favorite Ted Nugent song.

Source: Comics Ahoy

Stuart Moore is a comics writer and editor. As a writer, he's worked on titles including Detective ComicsFirestorm, and JSA Classified. Also a founding editor of Vertigo Comics, he's worked on HellblazerTransmetropolitan, and Preacher. He is now in charge of operations and a writer at Ahoy Comics.


Tim Midura: What made you want to hire Stuart Moore as writer on Captain Ginger?

Stuart Moore: I assume this question is addressed to Stuart Moore, editor of Captain Ginger. Stuart, the writer, works cheap and I know he likes cats. And he never, ever calls me. That's important.

TM: You have a storied career in comics as a writer and editor. Can you explain what went into the decision to take the leap in starting your own publishing company? How do you balance running a company and writing duties?

SM: To be clear: AHOY is not MY company. I'm a freelance consultant, handling a range of publishing operations duties in addition to my writing work. The company belongs to Hart Seely, publisher, and Tom Peyer, editor-in-chief. You'd have to ask them what mad-cow virus erupted in their brains that made them decide to start publishing comic books.

That said, I've never felt more trusted by anyone I've worked with. Tom and I both bring a lot of experience and, I hope, judgment to the table, and our skills complement each other nicely.

As for the balancing act—oddly, I find it easier to balance publishing ops work with writing, than to balance writing with editing. I've pulled back from all editorial work except on my own books. Making schedules and coordinating with Diamond uses one part of my brain; writing uses a totally different part.

TM: There's a lot of back matter in each single issue, including back-up comics and essays. Are these incentives to get people to buy the single issues? Will these be included in trades down the line?

SM: We want to give people a full, solid reading experience...something to come back to after they've read and digested the lead story. We're working out the trade paperback situation now. Some or all of the extras will almost certainly be included.

TM: Would you say you prefer cats over dogs?

SM: I have nothing against dogs, but I grew up with cats and I'm just comfortable with them. They're more self-reliant and they know where to poop indoors. Advantage: cats!

As far as CAPTAIN GINGER goes: The idea of a cat starship is actually more interesting to me than one run by dogs. Dogs are pack animals; they're used to following orders and working together. Cats are fiercely individualistic, and they don't take to training well. As the series opens, Ginger has managed to unite the crew behind him in a semblance of military order based on the example left behind by the "Feeders"—the humans who built the ship and then died off. But that hierarchy of command is very precarious, as we'll see.

One thing cats have over dogs in this area is that they're smarter. Sorry, dog lovers. It's just fact.

TM: Is Captain Ginger's favorite Ted Nugent song Cat Scratch Fever or Yank Me, Crank Me?

SM: Is this a real interview?

TM: Walt Simonson said you were born to write Captain Ginger. Is this your masterpiece?

SM: I never think that way. I put everything I can into every project, and cross my fingers that things come together. However, I will say that Captain Ginger is one of the most fluid, natural writing experiences I've ever had. The characters, the situations, the gags, all seem very organic to me.

A lot of that is because of June Brigman. I know she'll take anything I ask her to draw and make it clear, powerful, and full of character. That's very freeing.

TM: Do you see yourself doing more writing for Ahoy! in the future?

SM: Yes! I'm already writing a second series that I cannot speak of yet. It's wild and huge and very, very different from CAPTAIN GINGER.


Captain Ginger #1 is set to release October 17, 2018.

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