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Prepare Yourself: 'Godzilla: Aftershock' Graphic Novel Arrives In 2019

Written by sdsichero on Friday, October 26 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Prepare Yourself: 'Godzilla: Aftershock' Graphic Novel Arrives In 2019

Before the movie sequel comes Aftershock

Source: Legendary Announces GODZILLA: AFTERSHOCK Graphic Novel

Next Summer the sequel to Legendary's 2014  Godzilla, Godzilla: King of the Monsters, will invade theaters. Before then, you can return to Monsterverse and reacquaint yourself with that world with the Godzilla: Aftershock graphic novel. Godzilla is set to tackle Mothra, Rodan, and King Ghidorah in the movie sequel, but before that will face someone new in illustrated form.

The graphic novel is set after the events of the first movie, and will bring a titan that causes "devastating earthquakes" with intent to to destroy. It will also introduce characters that will appear in the movie sequel, including Dr. Emma Russell (played in the movie by Vera Farmiga):

The brilliant and driven Monarch operative Dr. Emma Russell races to stop the threat as clues emerge to reveal a terrible secret—a tragedy, of apocalyptic proportions from the distant past that changed the course of human history, is returning to threaten it once more. A shadowy figure stalks Emma's every move as she travels the globe to uncover secrets, while Godzilla clashes in an ancient rivalry as old as the earth itself. The fate of the world lies in the balance in an epic confrontation that no Godzilla fan will want to miss.


Godzilla-Aftershock_Poster-769x1024.jpgGodzilla: Aftershock poster


Godzilla: Aftershock will be written by Arvid Nelson and illustrated by Drew Edward Johnson. Legendary Comics will be publishing the title in the Spring of 2019.

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