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Ponder The Marvel 'The War Of The Realms' Promo Image

Written by sdsichero on Saturday, November 17 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Ponder The Marvel 'The War Of The Realms' Promo Image

The company wants you to wonder about the Thor-ific image

Source: Get the Exclusive First Look at War of the Realms

Last month, at New York Comic Con, Marvel briefly teased an upcoming event with a logo image, titled The War of the Realms. Aside from the creators involved listed in the image -- Jason Aaron (writer), Russell Dauterman (artist), and Matthew Wilson (colorist) -- the only real info on the story was that it would involve the ten realms (in the Marvel Asgardian cosmology) going to battle.

Well, it's been a month and change, so Marvel is once again teasing the event with another image. Instead of just text with symbols of the realms, this new image shows us some more faimiliar faces, in some cases in a less familiar context. Take a look:

WAROFREALMS2019001_promo_cvr_inks_LOGO_revsm.jpgThe War of the Realms promo image by Russell Dauterman and Matthew Wilson


Marvel wants you to pay attention to certain things about the image:

… why is Captain America riding a winged horse? Where does Jane Foster come into play? How does Wolverine get involved? Why does Daredevil have a sword...and why is he covered in starry lights? The Punisher, Luke Cage, Iron Fist; how do these street-level heroes join the fight? How do Venom, She-Hulk, Black Panther, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and so many more team-up for the war? And is that Blade!?


This promo also comes with a tiny description of the event:

Malekith the Dark Elf has been rampaging across the Realms for years, and now he's coming for Midgard. There, the Super Heroes of the Marvel Universe make their final stand, and a war begins.


The image debuted in an episode of Marvel's web series Earth's Mightiest Show. A larger version of the image can be found at the source link.


 The War of the Realms begins April 2019.


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