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Batman & Outsiders Pushed Back By DC Comics to 2019!

Written by Zechs on Thursday, November 22 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Batman & Outsiders Pushed Back By DC Comics to 2019!

The ongoing which was set to begin next month has been delayed by DC Comics to sometime in 2019.

Source: DC Comics Cancels Batman & The Outsiders Orders, Will Resolicit Later in 2019

Those looking forward to Bryan Edward Hill and Dexter Soy's Batman & the Outsiders #1 will have to wait a bit longer. The comic solicited by DC Comics to come out next month has suddenly been pulled by the company (as originally reported by Bleeding Cool). 

Hill tweeted this reply (which is basically as official a response so far we're going to get from DC) when asked about it when news broke:


The move does seem strange as the comic was advertised in this week's DC Comics, #3 was solicited for February and artist Stjepan Sejic variant cover for #1 recently released:



Sadly, this isn't the first time a relaunched Batman & Outsiders comic ran into a wall. This wall seems slightly smaller than the 2007 effort (aka Vol. 2) when the original creative team of Tony Bedard and Koi Turnbull were at the last minute replaced with Chuck Dixon and Julian Lopez, who also completely rehauled the team making the whole buildup to the ongoing (a bunch of one-shots which pitted past or possible members against one another so Batman could recruit them-- for something). 

Less than a year into the run, Dixon left the comic and DC Comics altogether, and the comic was rebranded into just being "the Outsiders".  This is not also the first ongoing this year to have stumbled out of the gate. Earlier this year Justice League Oddessy went through several hurdles and Nightwing had a last-minute creative team shake-up of writer Ben Percy to Scott Lobdell and Fabian Nicieza

When will this version of Batman & the Outsiders be back? Sometime in 2019 (Bleeding Cool pip pip theorized March), and that's all we know. When we learn something new we'll let you know. Until then.

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