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Tumblr to Ban Itself Following New Safe for Work Policy!

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, December 04 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Tumblr to Ban Itself Following New Safe for Work Policy!

The popular blog site announced today that they will be purging the entire site of any adult content on December 17th, and already is flagging itself for inappropriate content.


So today, Tumblr, the popular blog site decided, "We're going to be prouder and safer." by attempting to purge itself of any not safe for work content starting on December 17th. The move on the outside seems a simple one given the blog site was but a few weeks ago underfire after being removed from Apple app for unsafe content. It removed the content that caused the ire, but it seems the people behind the popular website for numerous NSFW elements, decided to take it a step further.

Anyone who has a blog can still post, but starting December 17th any NSFW content will be switched to hidden and the new rules will be fully in effect. In the meantime, those who have such unsafe blogs can use this option to export them.

Since then the internet has responded in kind with glorious memes:






And we can't forget the topic picture of this very article.

Not only that, but users of Tumblr decided to test out these new rules and found out Tumblr totally fucking itself. How so you ask? Literally, the original post above was flagged by their new system.



I myself tested it out and went for something artistic religious: Jesus Christ. Of course, the new format found my reblog not safe for work and flagged it. HOW DARE I DO SUCH A THING! 



 So yeah, there are some serious KINKS in this new system. Kinks that don't look good if these are the answers Tumblr thinks will preserve it. 

Not surprisingly a Charge.Org petition sprang up not shortly after the announcement and already as of this article has over forty -thousand signatures. It fully looks like Tumblr is going to fully implode after December 17th.  


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