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Bumblebee: No longer BumbleBay!!

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, December 04 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Bumblebee: No longer BumbleBay!!

Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura confirmed that the movie will at the very least reset the character away from that accursed Michael Bay!


It's been just a year, and still, many shudder at the words, Transformers: The Last Knight. and curl up into a corner in a fetal position trying to forget the horrors of cinema that were seen.  Many thought Bumblebee spinoff would be the final gasp of that era. It appears that theory is apparently wrong (for the most part).

A producer for the movie, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, told to IGN while also revealing that titular Autobot will also have a voice in the movie as well (Dylan O'Brien shall be providing the voice). 

But here's what Bonaventura said about the movie being a reset from what we've tried to repress, yet was burned into our eyes by the inflictions Michael Bay put upon us. 

Since we were approaching this as an origin story, we felt that it was appropriate that you got to hear his voice. That's the simple logic that we employed. The longer term implication of that is different. But the short-term implication of that is, since we really are resetting the mythology, essentially, of who Bumblebee is.

So yes, it appears the movie will be ignoring the horrors of Bay! You can go into this movie with an open mind! REJOICE!! Bumblebee will roll out into theaters December 21st. 

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