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Skybound Books Announces Seven New TV Pitches Disguised As Novels

Written by Tim Midura on Wednesday, December 05 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Skybound Books Announces Seven New TV Pitches Disguised As Novels

Well, technically only six since one of the novels is a Walking Dead title.

Source: Press Release

Skybound Books, the co-publishing company formed by Skybound Entertainment and Atria Books/Simon & Schuster, Inc., announced seven new book titles to be published through 2020. The titles include The Walking Dead: Typhoon, Every Sky a Grave, Instinct, The Down Days, and The First Sister Trilogy.

While most Skybound comics are simply used as movie and television pitches, actually these books are no different as Skybound holds ancillary rights to both Instinct and The Down Days and have the option to expand the properties across entertainment platforms such as film, television, games, and merchandise.

Book details are below.

  • The Walking Dead: Typhoon by Wesley Chu: The Walking Dead's first foray into China follows a group of survivors banding together against a wave of walkers in the most populous country in the world. Fans can expect author Wesley Chu (The Lives of Tao, Time Salvager) to bring a fresh perspective on societal decay and decomposing flesh to the world of Robert Kirkman's bestselling comics series.
  • Every Sky a Grave by Jay Posey: A high-flying, sci-fi adventure about a planetary assassin armed with the mystical Language of the Universe. Elyth can pass unseen, influence people's minds, and even destroy an entire planet using the Language. But when a new threat emerges, wielding the Language in impossible ways, Elyth faces her most incredible mission yet.
  • Instinct by Jason M. Hough: In a small town full of dark secrets and wild conspiracy theories, the lone sheriff struggles to trust her own instincts as she investigates why the people around her are dying in increasingly bizarre ways.
  • The Down Days by Ilze Hugo: South African author's magical-realist debut follows a woman who must recover a kidnapped child in a city gripped by a deadly laughter epidemic.
  • The First Sister Trilogy by Linden Lewis: This debut series is a sprawling sci-fi epic about a soldier questioning his allegiances, a comfort woman claiming her agency, and a nonbinary badass out to save the solar system. These three individuals from extremely different backgrounds will have to come together to protect humanity from itself.

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