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Tom King Teases Batman Work With Frank Miller

Written by Tim Midura on Wednesday, December 05 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Tom King Teases Batman Work With Frank Miller

Miller will likely have as much to do with the book as he did with Dark Knight III.

Source: Twitter

Tom King took to Twitter to tease Batman art from Frank Miller, with the simple caption "Coming up in Batman."


While it's likely that this is just a tease at a variant cover, King could be alluding to interior art from Miller, as he's done before with Jorge Fornes' art on Batman #60.

Miller is currently working with Rafael Grampa on a Dark Knight III spin-off called The Golden Child, featuring the children of Superman and Wonder Woman. But given Miller's recent track record, it's unlikely that Miller is actually working on the title and Brian Azzarello is instead. 

Who knows. Maybe Azzarello drew the art in King's tweet.

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