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Marvel To Destroy Their Own History In March

Written by Tim Midura on Tuesday, December 11 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel To Destroy Their Own History In March

They've been doing a good job of it already.

Source: Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has been releasing a series of teasers, where they claim to be destroying their own history next. But the past shows that Marvel been doing a fine job of that already so we're not sure why they need to make an announcement about it.

While some websites might run four separate articles, one for each teaser, we here at The Outhouse only give you the highest quality content and I'm too lazy to write four separate articles about the same thing. 

The four teasers in question reference Captain AmericaSpider-ManPhoenix, and The Fantastic Four. Marvel's copy editors (and designers) must have had the afternoon off when these were released since, for example, one says "WHO REALLY GAVE THE THE FANTASTIC FOUR THEIR POWERS". The notepad app would even tell you that there's two "the" in a row. Additionally, each teaser is lacking question marks.

Unless this is all a big teaser for a crossover with Doctor Who and they're stating that the Doctor is the one behind all these situations. Who knows. Not even Marvel.








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