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IDW Forging New 'Transformers' Comics

Written by sdsichero on Tuesday, December 18 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

IDW Forging New 'Transformers' Comics

New stories… of the past.

Source: IDW Relaunches TRANSFORMERS Comics

IDW Transformers comics are dead, long live IDW Transformers comics! The most recent iteration of the Transformers by IDW Publishing ended with Transformers: Unicron mini-series last month. Writer John Barber did say that there would be more IDW Transformers comics after his run ended, but they would not be in the previous comic universe. Well, the first part came true today as IDW announced new Transformers comics are coming… we're not sure about that second part yet.

The new series would be simply titled Transformers, and will be published twice monthly. The new writer will be Brian Ruckley, and Angel Hernandez and Ron Joseph will illustrate the series. Covers will be provided by Gabriel Rodriguez, Angel Hernandez, Casey W. Coller, and Freddie E. Williams II for issue #1; and Nelson Daniel, Ron Joseph, and Jeffrey Veregge for issue #2. Transformers will not be a sequel to Lost Light, Optimus Prime, or Unicron, rather Hasbro and IDW are taking a cue from the TV classic Sledge Hammer! and setting the next series in the past:

In this new Transformers comic, IDW will explore Cybertron in ways never seen by audiences before – delving into an idyllic society, peaceful for thousands of years, as it faces the most momentous event in its history: the mysterious end of a single life. Through the eyes of young Bumblebee and his friends, fans will witness conspiracies forming, harmony giving way to conflict, and the very fabric of Cybertronian civilization tearing itself apart.


Well, it's not like we've never seen Cybertron before war before, but whatever. It may just be their way of saying the upcoming story is in a different comic universe. Oh and of course Bumblebee is involved… His movie would have been out for a while by the time Transformers launches in March 2019.

transformers2019-1covercoller.jpgTransformers #1 (2019) cover by Casey W. Coller


transformers2019-1coverrodriguezTransformers #1 (2019) cover by Gabriel Rodriguez



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