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Akira Yoshida To Return As Travel Writer In 2019

Written by Tim Midura on Monday, December 24 2018 and posted in News with Benefits

Akira Yoshida To Return As Travel Writer In 2019

Yoshida found travel writing lacking this year.

Source: Twitter

Legendary Marvel Comics writer Akira Yoshida is looking to branch out into a different field in 2019: travel writing.


Yoshida's biggest complaint came from an article on Singapore, claiming it was a cut and paste job, likely influenced by Marvel Comics' yearly world-shattering comics events which are cut and pasted from the year before.


Forgetting he works for a company that promoted a white man who pretended to be a Japanese man in order to skirt editorial policy to get writing work, which is embarrassing in its own right, Yoshida said he was embarrassed for the writer of the Singapore article and its publisher. 


What advice does Yoshida have for aspiring travel writers? Do the work. Or just pretend to be another race. It seemed to work for him.

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