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Liefeld Working On A Major Project For Marvel

Written by sdsichero on Saturday, January 19 2019 and posted in News with Benefits

Liefeld Working On A Major Project For Marvel

Shipping twice a month (not joking!)

Source: Rob Liefeld Returns to Marvel Comics with 'Major X'

It looks like Rob Liefeld will be working again with Marvel. Liefeld will be once again dipping his toes hands into the X Universe with a Major new project… That is, a new 6-issue mini-series called Major X.

Liefeld provides some background for the character of Major X:

"Major X arrives from a different plane of existence—which is called the X-Istence, a safe-haven for mutants—and suddenly it's threatened and terrorized. And his home is taken from him."


The character will land in a time and place familiar to the creator:

"He makes the jump, in a last-ditch effort to try and save his home, and arrives in our Marvel X-Men continuity. But the first jump didn't quite land him where he needed to go, so it was pretty exciting to put him in 1991, somewhere between NEW MUTANTS #98 and X-FORCE #1."


Liefeld will be doing the writing and drawing for the first issue arriving in April. Brent Peebles will take over art duties on issue 2, with Whilce Portacio joining the title later. Major X is schedule to be shipped twice a month through June. No, seriously

majorx1cvrsmMajor X #1 cover


You can also listen to Liefeld talk about his Major idea:






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