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'New Mutants' Possibly to Be Delayed Again?! Chucked Off to Hulu Instead?

Written by Zechs on Tuesday, January 22 2019 and posted in News with Benefits

'New Mutants' Possibly to Be Delayed Again?! Chucked Off to Hulu Instead?

The movie is rumored to be delayed AGAIN and as an added bonus: it might be dumped on Hulu too.

Hey, remember New Mutants is getting a movie? Yes, I know you've probably utterly forgotten the comic would be getting a movie adaptation from Fox, that would deal with the younger students at the Xavier Institute involving Magik, Wolfbane, Cannonballs (quiet I know his real name. Just that I like the way Deadpool called him better), Sunspot, and Mirage. Here let me remind you with this trailer we got for the movie back on October 13, 2017 (yes it's been TWO YEARS):


So yeah, the movie was going for a more supernatural and horror theme. Wait-- what the hell? Antonio Banderas is credited in this movie?! WHAT THE HELL?! When the hell did that happen?! WHEN?! Seriously, I think the stuff going on around this movie is scary enough! 


So. A few weeks ago, podcaster Scott Bechtel (co-host of Merc with a Podcast) tweeted this out about the movie.


With a response time that puts me to shame, the internet has been slowly posting articles on this and well, here we are now with me posting an article on this.  Of course, this is a podcaster that this entirely hinges on with absolutely no concrete information other than his word. But then again, given how hampered this movie has become. This just seems natural unnatural for such a fate to befall this film. 

And the fact that suddenly you now remember there's an actual movie about the New Mutants that has Antonio Banderas in the movie for some reason. Seriously, who the heck will Antonio Banderas play? If he's voicing the Demon Bear that will be the most sensuous exotic sounding demonic bear ever put to film. ... I want to see this.

New Mutants will won't ever arrive in Hulu theaters April 2018 February 22nd August 2nd, 2019.

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