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C2E2 2012: DC All Access Panel

Written by Zechs on Friday, April 13 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
C2E2 2012: DC All Access Panel

DC invades C2E2 2012 with their first panel!!

Panel starts with introductions to Bob Harras, Bobbi Chase, Geoff Johns, JMS, Shane Davis, Scott Snyder, Kevin Maguire 

- Starts out with showcasing Free Comic Book Day DC The New 52!  We learn Jim Lee has done a four page fold out. 

- Interior Page to Justice League #6. Talks about the arc which is the villain's journey. It'll have a normal man who slides into villainy. #12 Jim Lee will be back to drawing the book Geoff reassures the crowd. 

- Talk on Cyborg and how Justice League will showcase his journey. Geoff talks about the character's new ablities like Boom Tube teleportation. 

- Aquaman #9 cover with Aquaman and friends being hunted by Black Manta. The issue will cover Aquaman and Black Manta's past.

- Green Lantern #9 with a cover featuring Black Hand. Geoff the ramifications of the current arc will go into this. 

- Batman: Earth One. Geoff stresses how different Bruce Wayne, Alfred, and Gordon will in the book. They then show a couple pages from the book. Geoff teases the cop you don't expect to be there will be.

- David Finch runs into the room and joins the panel a bit

- Superman: Earth One vol. 2. Superman is looking for a new life in Metropolis. He starts out looking for an apartment there and runs. Superman and Pa Kent have THE TALK due to the relationship Clark has with his female neighbor.  Talk on some of what happens in the book. It's a very human book. The Parasite will appear in three stages in the book. Stage one is skeletical. Stage two is the more version people are used too. There is three fight scenes in the book with the final will be an epic one involving his final stage. Shane talks on during the final fight him and Joe had an arguement over whether Superman should eye gouge Parasite given the fight is brutal.  There's a lot of tragedy to Parasite. There's talk of this girl next door who lives in the same apartment with Clark and will be a love interest. Hence THE TALK earlier talked about. 

- American Vampire #28. Scott talks on how this will be the biggest and craziest arc yet. It picks up in 1955 with Pearl and Skinner teaming up to take on vampires. It brings back characters from the first arc and things come full circle.  This is a really game changing arc with explaining why Skinner works with the Vessels.

- American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares. This story takes place during the story he just mentioned, but it takes place in Europe. Elisha and Gus takes on a Carpavian Vampire who's uberly scary. You'll learn the evolution of Vampires and crazy secrets.

- Swamp Thing #9 featuring Abby Arcane. The big finale to the arc he's doing. The big showdown takes place in desert where Swamp Thing is helpless. The arc leads into Anton Arcade. The story will lead into the eventual crossover with Animal Man. 

- Batman: Night of the Owls with Batman #8. Snyder promises every Bat gadget and every Bat everything will be used against the Court of Owls. This will be Batman kicking ass and taking names. The Court unleashes fifty or sixty assassins against the heroes of the modern age. Each writer got to chose the Talon and their history of Gotham for the crossover.

- Batman: The Dark Knight #9 with David Finch talking not much of the issue but says Judd kills it with this issue. 

- DC Wave 2 starting off with World's Finest. Kevin talks on how this is an interesting process. George is doing the present stuff, while Kevin deals with Earth Two and how they got to Earth One. Powergirl wants to go home, but Huntress is resigned to the Earth they're on. 

- Earth Two #1. Bob Harras talks how this book is important for world building. That DC has gone back to core and brought them up to date. It's an incredible epic with heroes facing what we've seen and not the same results. The book's ramifactions will impact the DCU for years to come. 

Questions for Panel

- Will we learn more of the relationship between the Waynes and the Kanes? Scott Snyder: Yes we will.

- Are we going to see the Riddler redone? Not a major Riddler story yet, but eventually. 

- Is it too early to go to the well with Earth Two already? #1 is completely different than you're used too.

- Will we have an all ages Batman book again ala Batman: The Brave and the Bold? Not now at the moment.

- Any progress with All Star Batman and Robin? No Jim Lee is too busy with that little book called Justice League.

- Is there anything you wish that was kept from the Old 52 that could have been kept in the New 52. The person gives Secret Six as an example. They'll be releasing book similar to that nature eventually. 

- More TV ads? Yes, more TV ads will be coming. They talk on this small indy movie coming in July called the Dark Knight Rises.

- More intergration between such as with Demon Knights and Stormwatch? Peter Logan will take Stormwatch in a different direction plus Red Lanterns are invading the book soon.

- Any plans for Jack Knight Starman or Hitman? NOT RIGHT NOW.

- When will Martian Manhunter be apart of the JLA? Johns says read Justice League #8.

- Are you bringing more minority heroes in? Yes. Keep watching what's going down in the books for canceled.

- Booster Gold still a time master in the new 52? Geoff: He's always a time master.

- Any new ideas approved of Scott Snyder ala Black Mirror or Court of the Owls? #15 will start something bigger and darker than Night of the Owls.  

- Is there anything going on with Hush? Scott: Yes you will be seeing Hush in the future.

- Are we going to see Wild Cat? Geoff Johns: MAYBE.

- Are we going to have a Wally West book? Bob Harras marks the time we got the question. They tease the poor fool so no real answer.

- More books to target the younger demographic? Yes, there are a couple things on the horizon for younger readers.

-  Any comic tie-ins for Dark Knight Rises? No.

- Any plot or ideas you couldn't write now in the new 52 like the Anti-Monitor in Brightest Day? Geoff: the Anti-Monitor stuff is wrapped up.

- Is there anyone you want to radicially change? There's some pretty big things happening.. SOON.

- Use the talent they're putting into Before Watchmen and instead put it in the New 52? All for the good to get new readers excited for comics.

-  Are we going to see the old fashioned crossover like Swamp Thing and Plastic Man. JMS says he starting a new book called the Lame and the Stupid.

- Will the Wonder Twins pop up in the new 52? Maybe, but really not a chance.

-  Any Tim Drake more intergrated into the Bat Books again? They'll use him as much as he can and he's going to be reintergrated into the Bat Verse. 

- FINAL QUESTION. How can we write at DC? Bob says you gotta apply and do the work on a weekly basis. You got to know people at conventions. 

End of Panel.

Written or Contributed by: Zechs


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