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C2E2 2012: Amazing Spider-Man Panel

Written by Zechs on Saturday, April 14 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

Marvel gives us a hint of what's to come with Spider-Man in this Spidey Centric Panel!!!

Panel starts with the introduction of Axel Alonso, C.B. Cebulski (who's late coming to the panel), Dan Slott. Rick Remender, Ryan Stegman, and Arune Singh.

- We go straight to talk on Spider-Man: Ends of the Earth.  Slott releases his opening gambit on his way to takeover the world.  Slott notes that next week will be Steve Wacker having edited one fifth of Amazing Spider-Man. He then talks of the next issue of Sandman vs. Black Widow, Silver Sable, and Spider-Man in the middle of the Sarhara desert.

- C.B. Cebulski arrives in the middle of Slott's talk as it turns to the Lizard arc, No Going Back, coming after Ends of the Earth. Slott talks about how this is a sequel to Shed. This is the first time Morbius, Spider-Man, and the Lizard have been together since Amazing Spider-Man #100.  There will be a big status quo change in this or as Slott puts it, "WILL CHANGE SPIDER-MAN FOREVER."

- We next go to Scarlet Spider.  Instantly Singh teases Stegman for ditching the hoodie in the design stages.  Stegman talks on how much he enjoys drawing the book and how Chris Yost brings the book to life in his writing. #6 is highlighted with Ana Kraven showing up.  Ryan Stegman is leaving the book by #6 and Khoi Pham is taking over art duties with #7. Stegman will move on to be the ongoing artist on Fantastic Four #609. 

Some DC bashing occurs. 

- Venom is now the topic with the Savage Six arc and covers to issues #20 & 21.  Rick says it's what he's been building to in the Venom ongoing. The Crime Master knows Flash is Venom and has been attempting to blackmail him. All the plots culminate here with terrible ugly things happening to Flash's life. Flash is going to be the darker mirror image to Peter. If you enjoying seeing Flash Thompson's life suck, you'll enjoy this story.

#17 will be a good starting point for new readers. A huge turning point will happen in the issue with Eddie Brock and Flash's life goes to hell as the Savage Six enter his life. 

- Panel shifts to the new direction of Avenging Spider-Man. They show #9 of the team-up with the new Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers. 

- Spider-Men is the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the character. This will be the first crossover of the 616 and Ultimate Universe. The story will effect both characters. The five issue mini is the time to have the two Spider-Men meet.  Miles Morales will be shaken given how mind bending it is that there's another universe and a more seasoned Peter Parker. Ultimate Gwen Stacy will play a big role in the story. There will be a major revelation of a Spider-Man character. They tease possible future Ultimate/616 Crossovers.

- Omega Effect crossover that's running through Avenging Spider-Man #6, Punisher #10, and Daredevil #11. Slott talks about how this book will have a bleed world. That this crossover expands on the street level stories they've been establishing. The, "No Killing Oath" Slott has established will have Spider-Man try and talk the Punisher out of killing but blowing out a thug's kneecap is okay.  They talk of the six Eisner nominations that Mark Waid's Daredevil gotten.

Rick then says please buy Uncanny X-Force.

Questions for Panel

- Will Norman Osborn come back to Spider-Man comics? Slott says not right now due to Norman Osborn is in a coma. Though Spider-Man would take that shot.  If Norman returns it'll be in a big way, but not right now. Slott teases the 50th Anniversary of Amazing Fantasy #15. After that, a three issue Goblin Centric arc will happen in Amazing (reporter note: gee I wonder who.. COULD IT BE THE ACTUAL RETURN OF THE ORIGINAL HOBGOBLIN?!) 

- Will Ultimate Aunt May be in Spider-Men to see the 616 Spidey? Yes. 

- More homage flashback panels with Peter's young life? Cosplay Spidey says well he can't say because he can't remember a certain portion. Slott then says don't worry he'll have one soon enough after the hell he puts him through in Amazing Spider-Man #700. Slott says if DC wants to punk us have Geoff Johns cosplay in the suit.

- Will Peter find out Flash Thompson is Venom? Rick says that the situation is bubbling that the tension when Peter finds out. Stegman comments how ironic it is that Peter is in the role of trying to be there for Flash as the dutiful friend. 

- Slott talks of how Yost came up with Johnny Storm singing "Friday".

- Did the old artwork of the Clone Saga inspire Stegman with his design for Kaine in Scarlet Spider? Ryan says yes, but didn't want to take him too bulky and gave a happy medium. What is it with Parker men and redheads? Spider-Man Cosplayer: "We'll talk about that in the Evening Not PG Panel." 

- Slott says there will be a major MAJOR MAJOR (Slott is repeating himself) status quo change for Mary Jane in Ends of the Earth. 

- When does Ends of the Earth take place before or after AvX? Slott says he can't say because then you know the end of a story. Slott promises that big changes in the Marvel Universe. But expect BIG THINGS when AvX ends when Amazing #700 hits.

- Person thanking the panel for Spider-Girl (Mayday).  

- More stories of Pete in a money crisis? Slott says no. There won't be that problem right now. Problems will come from other angles. 

- Will we be seeing more multiple suits from Spider-Man as we've been seeing? Slott says that's the fun of Big Time. Spider-Man now has the ablitity to make gadgets and make a solution in fighting bad guys. Ryan then says if you enjoy that first suit Spidey made in Big Time, Kaine took that suit and you can find it in Scarlet Spider.

- More Spider-Fu as he learned when he had no Spider Sense? Slott says yes. Will that mean a horribly dubbed movie of Spidey vs. ninjas? Yes, then he teases DANGER ZONE (repeating the DANGER) where Kingpin has Spider-Jammers and gives them to his lackeys and Phil Urich Hobgoblin.

- Will we see more of the ablities shown in Spider-Island? Slott gives the answer to Ryan that Kaine Parker has those powers and you'll see them in Scarlet Spider. 

- Will Toxin come back? The symbiote is in the hands of Crimemaster and by #17 at the end of issue will involve Toxin. They talk about Eddie Brock hunting the symbiotes going for Punisher.  Eddie believes an alien invasion is on the horizon.  The panelists then ask who the audience wants to show up 

- Minimum Carnage mini is coming soon with a cover of micro sized Carnage with Kaine and Agent Venom in the background!!!

- Will Gwen show up alive due to the Amazing Spider-Man movie coming out? Slott: Gwen will remain DEAD! DEAD! DEAD! And remaining rotting in her grave DEAD!

More incoming. 

- Spider-Man's oath: No One Dies? Doc Ock: Dying. What's gonna give? Slott: "It's like we planned it!!!"

- A panelist mentions how all of Pete's inventions are now helping the world and compliments Slott on how much she enjoyed the moment. He comments that he didn't want Pete to pull a RICHARDS and wants to share his inventions with the world.

- Will we see more of Peter Parker and Tony Stark?  You're going to see some stuff in the future. They'll show an Iron Man team-up with Spidey on the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. 

- Wolverine asks if there's any chance to recruit Kaine to X-Force bub? Rick says, "um no. please don't kill me." 

- Will we be seeing Jackal in the future? Slott: MAYBE...

Panel Ends

Written or Contributed by: Zechs


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