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C2E2 2012: Cup O' Joe

Written by Zechs on Saturday, April 14 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

So what's the latest news Marvel have for the people of Chicago? 

Panel starts with the origin of the Cup O' Joe via the man himself, Joe Quesada. The panel includes Axel Alonso, Jeph Loeb, C.B. Cebulski, Dan Slott,  Rick Remender, Jason Aaron, and Arune Singh.

- Matt Fraction and David Aja on Hawkeye. They talk how Hawkeye is a regular guy and harder than the rest of the Avengers. The book takes place when he isn't on an Avenger team.

- Jeph Loeb comes back on Wolverine #310 to finish the story with Sabretooth Reborn.  It is not a sequel this is the rest of the story.  There's a keyhole in the original story on how Sabretooth came back. Cloak and Dagger will co-star in the story as well things conclude with Romulus.

-  Takio and Powers FBI by Brian Michael Bendis. If you heard about Powers then this story is a great jumping on point.

-  ReEvolution.  Again like the AvX panel they reinforce the added goodies you can have via this app. They're right now trying to tell and joking about AvX on how to get the comic digitally. They joke that the comic should be worth $50 since it's being written by Mark Waid and Stuart Immomen, yet they're giving it away free. The bid is then raised to.. $52. 

They give examples of the extras like Alfonso talking about the Phoenix, black and white pages, and Bendis talking about the issue. 

-  Ben Grimm vs. Juggernaut.. Colosunaut by Loeb and Ed McGuiness. 

- Another poll is given by Quesada. X-Men wins the audience poll again.

Questions for the Panel

- Another how to get into Marvel question? The best advice they give is via self published work. C.B. is here to give you more advice.

- A fan is worried that if he buys a comic digitally will it impact the book? If the sales increase on both the book and digitally then the book will survive. It's going to morph into something more. As the audience grows in the digtal world then things that can grow from there. 

- Can you keep consecutive artists than just have a fill-in for an event or ongoing? Quesada gives Ultimates 2 as an example since it the story so good that it didn't change the universe so much. He then gives Jack Kirby and says if he did what they did like they did in the past, Quesada says people would complain about not getting their money's worth. 

Remender then talks on how they balance the artists on the book to give the unique flavors and delivers your money's worth. Slott also says it depends on the mood of the book. 

- Question for Jason Aaron: Kansas or Missouri side? Jason Aaron is Team Kansas. 

- Fan asks if there is more DnA or more cosmic stories? Not right now. Quesada says you'll be really really excited in the next two to three years. Loeb says the character to watch is the new Nova.  The panel also says you should check out DnA's work on New Mutants. 

- Fan gawking over Quentin Quire and Fantomex asks Aaron and Remender why did you bring back these characters from Grant Morrison's run? Aaron loved the run and wanted to bring the character back. Remender wanted to build off of Grant Morrison's run. Plus he wanted to continue those threads introduced. 

- Anything with Mephisto or Damion Hellstorm? The panelists say they should read Journey Into Mystery, New Mutants, or Circle of Four. 

- An example of a  story that screams to be Infinite comic digtally? It's difficult to explain. That the reader dictates the pace and the element of surprise. Quesada gives old school horror as his example. They can do that digitally. 

- How have the Runaways been recieved? The fan wants to know that and thus more want for another ongoing. C.B. says that yes they're appearances are doing good so keep buying them and their recent appearance in Avengers Academy.

- So with Bendis's run on Avengers and New Avengers is ending.. who's writing it? Someone. 

-  Kate Bishop will be a cast member on the Hawkeye ongoing. 

- Who is laser nipple man? Is it Rick Remender? Rick won't answer. 

- More characters like Darkhawk? Right now given the industry they can't given it's a little bit harder with fans are feckle with their buck. Hence why they attached Infinite comics to AvX. They wanted to have it in their biggest event so far. 

- Kid Loki Marvel Legend? They'll pass on the character design to Hasbro. It just takes a good long time to get those figures produced. There's a lot of love of Loki.

- Any more plans of Young Avengers besides Kate? We do and Alan has plans. 

- Any interest in Iron Man Max? Probably not.. because it be too awesome. Also what you want Tony Stark to do in a Max? You want to see the dirty bits the panel asks the fan? You wanna see Tony boink someone? Go see Frank Cho at artist's alley. Alas no you will not see Tony Stark blast a dude.

- How do you grow an epic beard as Jason Aaron and keep it that way? There's a bird that lives that in there. Also to not give a shit. 

- Any more plans of Kid Apocalypse aka Genesis? Remender talks on how to bring Apocalypse back in a way that hasn't been handled before and give stories for years to come. There is still more consquences from removing Kid Apocalypse on his destiny as En Saba Nur. The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants will be showing up to the possibly impressionable Genesis at the Jean Grey School to tempt him. 

- More Omega Effect stories? They're going to announce something tommorrow on just that. 

- Why does Nova like dub step? Jeph Loeb's fault.

- When are we seeing the real Nightcrawler again since we have Bamfs and AoA Nightcrawler? The fan says he hasn't bought a Marvel book since the character died. Then how do you know this stuff? I read internet stuff. The panel gives a complicated answer and just keep reading. 

- Is there any concern of over using Marvel characters? NEVER.. unless they make a movie like Green Lantern. 

- Concern for mantaining continuity? Tom Breevort that's why they have him. There's a constant connection among the various offices in Marvel.  But they aren't perfect and will s

- Future Ed Brubaker projects non Cap related? AvX #3, Winter Soldier, and Fatale. 
They've talked, but nothing solid. 

- Why did you go the fun silly Spider-Man? Jeph Loeb says every generation has their own version. The reason to come up with something different then what's come before. They wanted to come up with someone saying, "Wow that's a different take." 

- Who came up as Flash Thompson as Venom? Dan Slott and Steve Wacker came up with the idea of a Venom who they didn't know and it came up with a Venom foreign to Pete knowing his identity say, "Puny Parker." Also check out tomorrow's episode of Ultimate Spider-Man.

The panel ends.

Written or Contributed by: Zechs


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