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SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with James Moore!

Written by J.M. Hunter on Thursday, April 19 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with James Moore!

The InDIY 5 Ohh! continues with it's SPACE coverage! Today's feature is with writer and team member of 2Headed Monster James Moore!

In a world of Independent comic do-it-yourselfers, James Moore has decided that it's time to carve himself out a lil' empire and he's brought a monster or two to help him! 

Read and Reap below our interview with the man behind the curtain of 2 Headed Monster!

IH: What are you planning to promote at SPACE? Where can people find you at the con?

Besides our existing books (the ongoing Radio Free Gahanna and The Toyetic Adventures of Coco Fiasco one-shot), we'll be premiering The Little Monsters EP. TME has all-new short stories designed to give readers a taste of everything 2-Headed Monster comics has done/has coming up! We'll be at table 118.

IH: Tell us about The Rotten Ones.

The Rotten Ones is my new project with artist Katie Valeska (and it's the first piece of fiction Katie's drawn).It's about transdimensional former riot-grrl, a chain-smoking French robot DJ, a Viking, and a brainy witch who are roommates living, working, going to school, and partying in Columbus, Ohio. It's sort of the half-way point between the more grounded (if still artfully presented) Radio Free Gahanna and the cartoon pop of The Toyetic Adventure's of Coco Fiasco. I'm writing it a looser, more chaotic style of my previous work, and it will be an interesting departure from Katie's autobio work. The 4-page story debut story will be appearing in The Little Monsters EP.

IH: Tell us about some of your collaborators? How does Katie's style differ from Joel's?

I actually think they have more in common than differences. They both excel at body language and facial expressions, they can pull of contemporary fashion (a rarer skill than you think), unique character designs, clean storytelling, innovative lettering, skillful coloring, and inventive page layouts. Both are very much modern artists who have synthesized their influences into something fresh. As far is differences goes, Joel's work is more angular, with a thicker line and filled is filled with energy. Katie's work is smoother, softer and more of serene feel. I feel lucky to have had my stories drawn by such great artists.

IH: As of late, I've been noticing a lot of fusion between music and comics, and indie rock seems to be an inspiration for your work.  How does music relate to comics?

Heh. There's probably a whole book in that question. Comics are a pirate medium capable of absorbing and adapting techniques from any medium (everything from literature to graphic design to poetry to film), but I to think its connection music both under-explored and incredibly fruitful. On a craft level panel have a rhythm that's determined by their size, shape, quantity on the page as well as content. I've seen elements of the comics page compared to the musical elements and the the color chart matched to musical tones. Comics can work like music on a more evocative, less literal level than film and can do so with more economy that prose. Stories can be structured like songs and larger works can function along the lines of albums.

Great comics can also function like great songs in being a rewardingly re-playable experience where new elements can be appreciated. They are also potentially low-cost-to-entry in return for high quality mediums (assuming the talent is there) and technology has leveled the playing field for self-producers considerably.

On a personal level it's often a starting point for me. I'll often be inspired by a piece of music, or a collection of bands, or even a genre. I'll try to replicate the sort of thoughts and feeling music gives me in comic form. Radio Free Gahanna has it's root in a lot of different things, but the influence of a certain kind of wistful, spacious indie rock I was listening to at the time. Other-times iI'll look for music that matches the tone I'm shooting for. For Coco Fiasco this meant listening to a lot of Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, and Sleigh Bells for that massive, fast,high impact sound.. Like I said, it's a rich topic with a lot of ground worth exploring.

IH: What does the future hold for 2 Headed Monster comics?

The collection of Katie Valeska's recently completed autobiographical webcomic should be out this Summer..Next up is Radio Free Gahanna issue three an the first full issue of The Rotten Ones.

IH: Where can people find out more about 2 Headed Monster comics on the net?

We can be found at .

IH: Anything else you'd like to promote?

Make sure to check out Joel and I's previous books if you haven't already. They're smart, fun books we're very proud of. And check out Katie's previous work at . We can't wait to see everyone there!

SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with James Moore!

Remember, all this week, The Outhouse will be showcasing SPACE! If you live in the Mid-West and are looking to check out some great small press comics, be sure to come!

The Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE)
The Mid-West's Largest Exhibition of Small Press, Alternative and Creator Owned Comics

Over 170 exhibitors
April 21 & 22 Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 10am-5pm
Ramada Plaza Hotel And Conference Center in Columbus.
4900 Sinclair Road Columbus, OH 43229
Off I71 at the Morse / Sinclair exit. Free Parking!
Admission $5.00 per day and $8.00 per weekend.

Written or Contributed by: J.M. Hunter

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