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SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Drunken Cat Comics!

Written by J.M. Hunter on Sunday, April 22 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Drunken Cat Comics!

The LAST! Last of our SPACE pre-interviews with the Drunken Cat Comics team, Derek Baxter and Brian Canini!

First of all if you've tuned into our all-week, all-expensives paid SPACE coverage, THANK YOU! Now we close out our SPACE pre-interviews with the team from Drunken Cat Outhouse and members of the internet and comics community. I present to you evidence, exhibit A and B: Derek Baxter and Brian Canini!

IH: So Brian, you're out in SoCal, are you a San Diego native like myself? Derek you're out in Columbus, OH. How'd you guys meet?

Brian: Actually I'm a Columbus, OH native. I made the move out west to warmer climates about eight years ago. I met Derek in high school and we became friends based on a common love of The Simpsons and quoted the show constantly (still do in fact).

Derek: We met in high school, here in Columbus. Brian was a friend of a friend. All I remember of our initial meeting was our mutual friend (who had known Brian for years) asking him if he was Polynesian.

We ended up hanging out a lot, making monster movies and eventually writing comics. Brian's love and knowledge of comics far exceeded mine, which was pretty much relegated to mainstream titles.

IH: Drunken Cat we want to know what you did with the Dog?

Derek: He's under the table. Have you seen Raiders of the lost Ark? Marion Ravenwood = Cat. Ugly European Man/Woman = Dog.

Brian: He's dead... alcohol poisoning if memory serves me correct.

IH: This year you both will be at SPACE. Is this your first time? What can people expect to find at your table?

Brian: I think this may be my ninth time tabling at SPACE. My first time at SPACE (and first time tabling at a comic con) was my senior year of high school.
This year we'll be premiering the Drunken Cat Comics Anniversary comic. In it people will find stories about Satan going to his highschool reunion, robots fighting monsters (cause everyone loves when robots fight monsters), The Drunken Cat... drinking, and MORE!

Derek: This is my third or fourth time, second consecutive behind the table. This year people can find our big ten year anniversary comic so good it took 11 years to make. We will also be premiering The Life and Death of Mr. Burger, my first attempt at both writing and drawing a comic.
It was a learning process that made me appreciate Brian's hard work that much more. It was also a learning process that you will have to pay $2.99 to experience. We are keeping it sealed up, ala Ultimate Spider-Man 160: Death of Spider-Man. No skipping to the end to find out how he dies!

Brian: Beyond that we'll have back issues of Ruffians, a series based around a blue bear hitman trying to find the killer of his best friend. It's a funny animal crime comic.

IH: Walk us through the creative process. Who does what? When does the magic happen, where do you see yourselves in the next 2 years, What's the toughest part of this gig, and why do you love this medium? (It's obviously not for chick and dolla' bills I assume?)

InDIY Hunter note. I asked both Brian and Derek the same question, curious to see how their answers would differ.....

Derek: I want to say the magic always happens after dark, but when you're working with a three hour time difference, it's usually light for one of us.
The typical process involves a telephone conference in which we both bounce ideas back and forth and then make a skeleton of a script, based on what makes the other person laugh.

At that point I go off and flesh out the script and send it off to Brian, who adds some magic dust and then panels and draws it. The plan is to become an official business this year so we can take the show on the road.
Right now the main focus is just creating comics, but you never know what that could lead to. We both really like cartoons...The toughest part is probably creating the product.
I think we're both very passionate about making comics, but it's hard to find time to sit down and either write or draw consistently when you have a full time job. Plus we're also working from opposite sides of the country. But the internet makes all things possible.

Brian: The magic happens, as with most creative ventures, when intoxicated (when things are at there most funniest).
The creative process usually starts with a phone conversation. Derek and I normally flesh out the story together and come up with little bits of dialogue that makes us laugh... in fact the whole process is pretty much just us trying to make the other laugh. Whatever works for the story and makes it funny is what we go with.

Then Derek goes off and writes the script. Once he's done his magic he gives it back to me and I draw it and try to add more things to the script as I draw it.
We're going to become an official business this year. Our only focus is to continue to make comics and make each other laugh... maybe make money.

The toughest part of this gig is making the time to create comics. Time is always the enemy and it's hard to always want to be hunched over your drawing board for a majority of your free time.

I blame the Ninja Turtles. I've been making my own comics ever since I was six and discovered the Ninja Turtles.

Ever since then I've been completely in love with this medium and everything it has to offer.

Comics are the perfect medium. it appears besides talking on the phone at all hours of the day, they usually try to one up the other in the laugh deparment and we're most certainly convinced one of them is drunk and the other is a vampire. –InDiY Hunter.

IH: Do you have anything planned for the future?

Derek: We have a giant file of ideas waiting to be scripted, scripts waiting to be finished and finished scripts waiting to be drawn. Do you like pretentious french comics? If you said "oui" our next comic is for you...

Brian: Always. Right now I'm working on drawing the french comic and a Satan Halloween Special. We also have a Satan Christmas Special in the works... because Satan loves holidays.

IH: Lastly fellas, where can people find your work out there in internet land?

Derek: The Drunken Cat has puked all over the interwebs (after claiming to have created it). There's our main website, which features "Daily Shots" and "Mixed Drink Wednesday" We're also on Facebook at and you can even live tweet with the Drunken Cat himself while at S.P.A.C.E.

Brian: where starting May 1st visitors can read daily.

SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Drunken Cat Comics!

SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Drunken Cat Comics!

SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Drunken Cat Comics!

SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Drunken Cat Comics!

SPACE special InDiY Hunter 5 Ohh! Interview with Drunken Cat Comics!

Remember, all this week, The Outhouse will be showcasing SPACE! If you live in the Mid-West and are looking to check out some great small press comics, be sure to come!

The Small Press & Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE)
The Mid-West's Largest Exhibition of Small Press, Alternative and Creator Owned Comics

Over 170 exhibitors
April 21 & 22 Saturday 10am-6pm Sunday 10am-5pm
Ramada Plaza Hotel And Conference Center in Columbus.
4900 Sinclair Road Columbus, OH 43229
Off I71 at the Morse / Sinclair exit. Free Parking!
Admission $5.00 per day and $8.00 per weekend.

Written or Contributed by: J.M. Hunter


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