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G.I. Joe: Real American Hero Season 2 (DIC) in Stores in July

Written by Jude Terror on Friday, April 27 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
G.I. Joe: Real American Hero Season 2 (DIC) in Stores in July

Shout Factory will release the complete second season of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero Series 2, and this is why you should buy it even though it killed your childhood!

Before posting this press release, this reporter would like to take a moment to express the deep pain and sorrow that I feel whenever I am reminded of the existence of this series.

Like pretty much every boy my age at the time, I had been waiting for years for new episodes of the greatest television show ever made, G.I. Joe (The awesome Marvel/Sunbow series). Finally, advertisements started popping up (on good ol' Channel 11 in NJ) for a new miniseries, Operation Dragonfire, airing soon. Of course, this was before the internet (beyond Prodigy, Compuserve, and the more exclusive Usenet and IRC), and before I had become a super cool internet reporter who is aware of what the comic book, animation, pro-wrestling, movie, video game, and tech industries are doing months before the general public due to obsessively following the behind the scenes happenings on websites like this one, so as far as I knew, this was a continuation of the show that I loved, the show that I watched every day at 3PM (and I think it might have been on mornings at that point too) despite having seen every episode dozens of times.

And then it came on. And it was... different. Destro had a gold head, and there were awful new characters like Metalhead, and the music had changed, and some of the voice actors too, and... well, I think I can honestly say this series may have ruined my childhood, as the final disillusionment that sent me away from cartoons, comics, and other kids stuff and off to get laid and play punk rock and do hardcore drugs for the next decade. I'm not even kidding, this may have been the catalyst.

And that suffering still lives in me today, whenever I think of what might have been, especially AFTER becoming the aforementioned internet nerd super cool reporter and reading what some of the brilliant creative minds involved in the Marvel/Sunbow series had had planned if they had continued the third season. Here is an excerpt from an interview Joe Headquarters did about 10 years ago with Buzz Dixon, one of the writers on the original show:

Mike Hill, who was on staff at the time, made a brilliant proposal to send the Joes off after a somewhat new foe called The Coil for the never made Sunbow season three (there was a DIC season three, but they never bothered to ask for any input from me or Flint or Steve and frankly, we were just as glad). As I recall, Mike's idea was that following the Movie, Cobra would be shattered as a world-wide organization. Under the guidance of Tomax and Xamot, a new organization called The Coil (much more criminal in nature than military) would be formed, picking and choosing among the best of the surviving Cobra units. Cobra-La was utterly wiped out, no survivors, except for Cobra Commander, who would be slithering about in the background for the first half of season three as some sinister character of shifting alliances, then be revealed in severely mutated form in the second half. He would be playing the Joes and The Coil against one another in an attempt to destroy both and rebuild Cobra.

Sunbow season three was never made. Hasbro had been funding G.I. Joe out of their own pocket; they got a ridiculous deal from DIC to take over the series and they pretty much let them. The story behind DIC is much too long to go into here; suffice it to say these guys may not have been 100% responsible for the destruction of the animation industry in the late eighties but they sure helped!

With that out of the way, SHOUT Factory has been released Season 1 of the DiC series, and while the pain of replacing the awesomess of the original cartoon with this one can never truly go away, SHOUT has been kind enough to release wonderful quality DVDs of the good series, as well as some other very awesome releases that you couldn't get anywhere else until they came along (like this), so I kind of get the feeling that, for them, this is a labor of love. And because of that, I kind of feel like, as they release this series which destroyed the childhood of millions of boys and nearly killed the G.I. Joe franchise, they feel the same pain I do, wishing and hoping and dreaming that they had a third season of the true Real American Hero to release, but being forced, just like this twelve year old boy once was, to live with this abomination instead.

And that is why, despite the fact that I hate this series, and despite the fact that it nearly destroyed my life, I will probably buy it. It is why SHOUT Factory released it, and why you should buy it too. Because, when we look back on our lives, on our memories, are not the moments of pain and despair just as important as those of triumph and happiness? Pain is part of the human experience, and disappointment is part of growing up. If we can look back with nostalgia on those things which we remember fondly, isn't it also valuable to remember those things that hurt us, to feel those wounds open once more? Is that not living itself?

What is life, if not memories, both good and bad, of dudes shooting the shit out of each other with lasers?

Here's the PR:

The complete second and final season from the 1991 G.I. JOE animated series will arrive on home entertainment shelves for the first time!

Featuring All 20 Action-Packed Episodes in a Collectible 3-DVD Set

On July 10, 2012, Shout! Factory, in collaboration with Hasbro, will release the G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Series 2, Season 2 on DVD. This highly collectible 3-DVD set contains all 20 episodes from the complete second season and insightful bonus content. A must have for fans, collectors and animation enthusiasts to complete their home entertainment collection of this animated series, G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Series 2, Season 2 DVD set arrives in stores everywhere and is priced to own at $ 29.93 SRP. Fans can pre-order now on

Pre-order link:

The battle rolls on in the final season of G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Series 2! General Hawk returns with his new team of G.I. JOE heroes, ready to take on any challenge by Cobra, a ruthless criminal organization out for world domination. And Cobra Commander's clearly left the toughest challenges for last! Does G.I. JOE have what it takes to stop them? The popular second season of this series from 1991 sees the return of fan favorite characters including Duke, Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow in adventures more exciting than ever!

Bonus Feature:
Retrospective Featurette With The Hasbro Toy Team

Technical Information:
G.I. JOE: A Real American Hero Series 2, Season 2
Street Date: July 10, 2012
Discs: 3
General Audiences
Running Time: approx. +/- 7 hours
Video: Fullframe 1.33:1 - Preserving the aspect ration of its original broadcast
Audio: Original Mono

G.I. Joe: Real American Hero Season 2 (DIC) in Stores in July

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Written or Contributed by: Jude Terror

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