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So Who Is DC's Newest Homosexual Character?

Written by ThanosCopter on Wednesday, May 23 2012 and posted in News with Benefits

Take a look at the five most likely choices inside!

In case you missed it, DC has decided that one of its "prominent" characters is coming out of the closet next month. Depending on what conservative news source you follow, it's either Batman, Superman or Jesus Christ.

Here's what we know about DC's newest LGBT character: he's male, he's "yet to be introduced" in the New 52 world, and he's a prominent and major character. Since we haven't beat this dead horse enough, let's run down some of the choices along with the odds of that character actually coming out.

Alan Scott

Odds: 3:2

This is odds-on favorite. Several reliable sources (including one of the alanscottOuthouse's!) are claiming that Alan Scott, the Golden Age Green Lantern will reveal his new sexuality in Earth 2 #2, out next Wednesday. While we got a glimpse of the character last month, we haven't seen him in costume, which means that he hasn't been "introduced" yet. Plus, he's got a weakness for wood, which opens a whole room of possibilities when the reveal happens next month.

My main issue with this is that DC would basically be trading one homosexual character for another. In the Old DC Universe, Alan's son, Obsidian, was an out and proud homosexual character, something which both his father and sister Jade were happy with. While it's possible that Alan could still adopt Jade and Obsidian (presuming Earth 2 is progressive like that), there's a distinct possibility that neither Jade or Obsidian will exist should Alan Scott end up being the gay character.

Ted Kord

Odds: 5:1

There are hints that Ted Kord, the second Blue Beetle, is alive in the New 52, as Dan Didio had the character's name pop up several times in his deceased OMAC series. He's a fan favorite who's most well-known relationship is with his best friend Booster Gold. Could DC turn the Blue and Gold Bromance into a romance?

This one would probably cause a fair amount of butthurt on the Internet. Blue Beetle has been turned into a sacred cow of sorts, having been deified after his death in 2005. Would fans of the character be okay with his resurrection with the caveat that his friendship with Booster Gold had other connotations?


Odds: 10:1

We know that Ryan Choi will be returning as the Atom in an upcoming issue of Justice League. He's appeared in television, has a cult following, and represents one of the solidly B-list superheroes that's been a part of the Justice League since the 1960s. However, I feel that making the Atom gay would be too safe and a bit of a copout. Most fans would probably be pretty ambivalent to this character's outing, which I don't think is what DC wants.


Odds: 20:1

shazamBilly Batson's been popping up in the backup feature in Justice League, but we still haven't seen his powerful alter ego appear yet. With television and movies both addressing teen sexuality in a positive light, is comics far behind. Could Billy's tough exterior have started as a way to prevent bullies from attacking his sexuality? Shazam's coming out could prove to be a major symbol for the "It Gets Better" campaign designed to help bullied and depressed teens cope with their sexuality.

Wally West

Odds: 50:1

Wally's probably the most popular DC character who hasn't appeared in the new DC universe. The Flash for almost thirty years, Wally and his family disappeared in the New 52.   While Wally fits the bill, it's highly unlikely as Wally's wife and children have become inseparable from the third Flash.

So who do you think it is, DC fanatics? And more importantly, does any of the hype and speculation really matter? How would a character's change in sexuality affect how you viewed them? Leave your comments below!

Written or Contributed by: ThanosCopter

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