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PCC-Ethan Van Sciver Panel.

Written by guitarsmashley on Thursday, May 31 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
PCC-Ethan Van Sciver Panel.

What did EVS have to say at his Phoenix Comic-Con spotlight panel? We have the exclusive info you want. 

The Ethan Van Sciver panel was a lot of fun even though it massively under attended. There were maybe 12 people present in a room that could easily fit more than 50. This made for an amazing intimate experience that those in attendance relished and those that missed it should be jealous. The panel started with a check into what EVS has been working on.

  • Just wrapped up work on his last issue of Firestorm. EVS sounded bitter sweet talking about his hopes for the book. He feels like DC fails at exploiting their characters core concepts. Especially with a character like Firestorm. There just isn't enough NUCLEAR when it comes to Firestorm the Nuclear man. Which is why he developed the idea of a Firestorm proliferation program and would build on ideas like if Iran worked on a Firestorm program. EVS was building to a situation where Jason would eventually be the ultimate firestorm villain for Ronnie Raymond.

  • Would never consider writing Wonder Woman but did talk to Gail Simone about an idea where they would redesign Dr. Poison to be a super hot lady that works for all the top non-profit groups but is really this crazy mercy killer who goes into a towns that have been exposed to radiation and kills the population before they all die. Wonder Woman would have to come to terms with how to deal with this different kind of threat.

  • When it comes to Geoff Johns they used to talk all the time but don't since his responsibilities at DC have grown. They did just finish work on Green Lantern Annual #1. He then took some time to discuss his work on Flash Rebirth and some flashpoint info with enough Flash nerdgasm info that I recorded it and presented here.

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Then it was pretty much time for question and answer which really turned into discussion time.

  • On his upcoming super secret project with Gail Simone- It's a really lame embarrassing silver age character that he's working on in an outside the NU52 kind of way and will be a 100 page horror book. EVS then showed the moderator of the panel a photo of the redesigned character which made him very happy and silenced all at once. The book will feature plastic man and hopefully lead to this character entering the Nu52 in some capacity and turn this character into a serious player in the DC universe.

  • The topic of the Nu52 and a possible back door out of it was then discussed with EVS questioning the crowd if they really hated it that much. We discussed how only books that were selling didn't change and really we look for it to end because that's what comic stories do and that we've seen a DC universe reboot 3 times in the last decade so why would this be any different. EVS responded that as long as books are selling and yeah there are going to be some great not so great books but they are being replaced with other books constantly...then someone, maybe me said something like, "That would explain the continued hiring of Rob Liefeld." EVS quickly responded with well...Hawk and Dove are Hawk and Dove but Rob is a great guy and really does exactly what you expect him to do.

  • Still reeling from the announcement that there would be a gay character introduced into the Nu52 EVS was asked which character it would be. He said he knew who it was but wouldn't tell. He did however think it would be hilarious if it were Shazam...well to have a gay Shazam but a straight Billy Bastion and would make the transformation that much stranger and bring plenty of questions into their relationship.

  • This of course brought up regular con whipping boy Wally West. EVS mentioned that Dan Didio has to love this. No matter where he goes it's all anyone asks about and he loves it. Wally will be back someday but he looks at it like he did years ago with NightWing. And how he was going to kill him just so people talked about him. We would see Wally eventually till then Dan just likes seeing people pissed/talking about him.

Lastly EVS left us with this. His full name is Ethan Daniel Van Sciver, when jumbled the result is Evil Enhanced Variant...someday he would like to have an Evil Enhanced Variant comic.

PCC-Ethan Van Sciver Panel.

Written or Contributed by: guitarsmashley

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