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Mid-Week Digital Comics Sales

Written by 365Dom on Wednesday, June 13 2012 and posted in News with Benefits
Mid-Week Digital Comics Sales

Digital comic books on sale through Comixology from 6/12 to 6/14.

Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter
In honor of the newest DC animated movie, "Superman vs. The Elite", you can find Superman vs. The Elite related comic books on sale for $.99, on or their related devise apps.

You can also find $.99 deals on The Authority single issues since they are "inspired by" The Elite. The Authority volume 1 is started up by the creative team of Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch, so the first 4-issue arc alone may be worth the $4.

The other mid-week digital comic book deals consist of crime related books (Crime Wave Sale!).

The Crime Wave Sale is highlighted by Darwyn Cooke's, "Richard Stark's Parker: The Hunter" for only $3.99! If you don't already own this book, and don't care to own the physical copy, by this book. $3.99 is a steal.

Source: Comixology
Written or Contributed by: Dom G

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